Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Psychology (Science of the Soul)
From the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul:

Psychology is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “the science of mind”, at one time considered a branch of metaphysics. Today we are more inclined to include all the conditioning subjective factors as psychological in nature–mental and emotional impulses and soul contact, to whatever degree it exists. These subjective influences constitute the whole psychological background to a man’s attitudes and behaviour, and create the faculty of spiritual response.

The “psyche” is, after all, the human soul, the centre of consciousness. Esoteric psychology begins with a consideration of the human being as a soul, manifesting in the form of a personality, consisting of mental, emotional and etheric/physical substance, and more or less in contact and control, depending on the stage of evolution in the personality consciousness.

The seven differentiated streams of ray energy play a significant role in this evolutionary process. A blend of five energies in a human being determine his goals, his problems, his available qualities and energy resources, and the correct method by which–according to his dominant ray influence–he may unfold his consciousness and make spiritual progress.

In this video Esoteric Psychology many of these distinctive ray qualities and methods are given as quotations, or interpretations, of “The Old Commentary” put into poetic and symbolic words. The seven rays are shown as the Seven Creative Builders, each one imbued with purpose and power, functioning together as a synthesis in occult obedience to the purposes of our Solar Logos.

Such a detailed and comprehensive study of the ray energies influencing our planetary life and all kingdoms in nature is of inestimable value to the aspirant consciously preparing himself to become of planetary service as he learns to serve and to unite with his fellowmen.


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  • Any moron can “believe“, -but direct Wisdom comes to those who can hear the – -voice in the silence- cheers!!

  • exactly


  • The remarks on human origins in this video were just a generalization.
    He was not referring to the typical Darwinian theory of evolution. Man did not evolve from apes but rather from an earlier "animal man" like form back in Lemuria, which was giant in stature. It's not that Darwinian theory of evolution is incorrect it's just that it doesn't reveal the entirety of the process. There has always been primitive humans in remote areas evolving separately from the root races.


  • Excellent video! I am a Psychology major myself. I have attended Bible College, and have studied mystery religions and esoteric doctrines for many years. I thank you for breathing fresh life into my truth seeking quest. The quote at the end was beautiful. I believe that suffering can make us one with divinity. I know that has been the case with me. Contentment with life "as is" can lead us to spiritual complacency and ritualistic numbness. Truth is more than belief, it is belief in practice!

  • Pretty sure the m in Einsteins equation was mass. Don't have to butcher his theory to see that it still makes sense. Our being (life-force, soul, ect) IS energy. Quote from the man himself: "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed."

  • Hmm perhaps I was too quick to judge..? Upon pondering a moment, one could say that matter is in conjunction with mass. However, I do not assume the opposite in that for something to have mass requires it to be an object, metaphysically speaking.

  • the self amplifying cycle of acceptance and acknowledgement, sustained by the daily choices in our interactions is the chain reaction that will ultimately define our collective ability to overcome imagined differences and look at life in the grand scheme of things

  • I was buying it until the bit about women, most of them are fucking irrational bitches


  • Too many references to a single god for me. I believe there are multiple gods, and theyre are not what is written about them, but more so a group of individuals that were able to reach god level of consciousness. But I suppose I am wrong since you seem as if you have already reached a higher form of understanding then I myself have. Either way, I will continue my meditation as well as my search for wisdom.

  • well, then that tells us a lot about what your bringing into your life doesn't it?

  • This is too technical… too hard to understanding

  • "1) Loss of ego and unconditional service aka 2)slavery aka 2) psychological abuse & indoctrination." 1 -> 2a = 2b not allways true.
    – Everyone has to educate oneself regarding the methods of cults; and perceive when they are colaborating with the cult mechanics.
    – A real master uses truth and love, and gains nothing from its pupils. Never he uses fear. A person can detect the perfection in a healthy environment, unless she wants fanst and easy rewards, which is cheating on reality and herself.

  • Real: Not false, not fake. One who wants the good for pupils. Master in the sense of teacher, not in a relationship 'master-slave'. One knowing the Truth. One who doesn't have personal desires. One who obeys his/the essence.

  • Well, i can agree with you (your words), but i'm not sure we are meaning the same.
    (the truth is not said/speakable)
    Remark: (I didn't watch past 7:45. Too many aprioristic doctrinal non-empirical statements). I opted not to waste time with this video.
    I would take the quote at 0:19 from it, nothing more, and with reservations. (Evolution in the sense of dis-covery. Change in the sense of what change is needed to unblock the eye)

  • "As for the Truth, who can say they know the truth while evil still stands and permeates itself into our world?"

    Couldn't understand the nexus you see/saw between "evil in world" and "possibility of knowing the truth".

    I supose you doubt that someone can know it (you ask 'who can…') may be because you are suposing everyone has developed the same capabilities as you have now.
    I can imagine someone different than me (in developed cognitive capability/faculties/senses).

  • – I recommend you improve your knowledge of metaphysics. (1st paragraph)

    – Interesting that you've asked me to "don't get caught up in semantics". (regarding: "Truth is unspeakable using human language words" – a hearer is needed in order to convey something)

    – No offense intended.

  • Amazing graphics to support this wonderful synthesis of Alice Bailey- Djwal Khul, Brenda Johnston, Douglas Baker, Alan Oken and Barbra Briner, among others. Breathtakingly done. Mega kudos. 

  • Because of pseudo-scientific nonsense like this, there are serious scientists who mock real psychological science and say it is nothing more than mumbo-jumbo. Go and get a degree from a real university, in real scientific psychology, instead of rambling about pop psychology and esoteric bullshit on youtube.

  • Cheezzyy !

  • Thanks for sharing the poetry of life- perhaps one day the pragmatists that coin terms such as Pseudo science- will lose their bias of confinement to concrete nature in their consciousness and float on the wings of an esoteric butterfy long enough to appreciate the content- unitl then- they never will!- sadly…

  • hello . the `silence of mind` is quiet , natural , common sense . enjoy .

  • Why must it be so god damn patriarchal?! "And i'm the son" wft?? it's very fucking disappointing..

  • I been patiently waiting for you.

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