Emotion, Stress and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

Emotion, Stress and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

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So, it turns out we have an easy time reading emotions in facial expressions, but emotions can straight up kill us! In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses stress, emotions, and their overall impact on our health.

Table of Contents:

How Emotions Work 00:00
Two-Dimensional Model of Emotional Experience 03:29
How Anger, Happiness, and Depression Affect Health 4:52
Stress, the Nervous System, and Chronic Stress 6:36

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August 12, 2014 / 29 Comments / by / in
  • Dude…Just breath…o.o

  • So amazing a man he is! Thank you for all these great educational videos! Could you please do a video about BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER? Thank you!

  • I will instantly sub to you if you sub to me and like this comment.

  • I didn't know using Botox that way can get you arrested in the Philippines xD

    (And I'm Filipino too .-.)

  • "Take a deep breathe" that is exactly what I forget. I have Panic Disorder combined with few more stuff… So breathing, I sometimes forget it…

  • the greece part in 2:46 is not true

  • I had to give thumbs up because you mentioned Harry Potter! 😀

  • (0:17) I am from the Philippines… it cannot get you arrested what is this nonsense…

  • Botox was originally created for cross eyedness or migraines

  • Now I'm stressed about my stress killing me lol

  • Does he have to talk so fast

  • I'd like a poster with the spectrum at 3:45 .. where people can put their feelings of the day on the chart and then watch for trends in their feelings after a couple of weeks or month.

  • This is making me stressed XD

  • KAT

    thia giving me more stress :p

  • Does anyone want any of my extra stress harmons? I have way to many😓😂

  • I have a hard time feeling emotions
    I was never happy, sad, angry, jealous, pitty. I never felted emotions, I have to act like I'm happy around my parents because they really hate it when I have no emotion. I can kill 40 dogs and feel nothing, one time I killed my friends turtle to feel something, she kept calling me "Devil" after. People say im going to become a psychopath when I get older I don't think that even tho I kill my friends pets. My parents have took me to the hospital multiple times trying to fix my broken self, I'm trying to tell people I'm not dangerous or a murder. I stabed a girl in the hand with a pencil I was just trying to feel something, I couldn't go to school for 17 days, when I came back to school that girl and her group of friends start bullying me. They called me crazy,weirdo,freak,murder, killer I had no friends not even one, I wanted to hurt them badly but I didn't because I will go to juvie for it
    You guys might think I'm crazy, but if you were me you will know how I am

    Will I actually become a psychopath?

    Even if I do something that will hurt someone's feelings and they are sad or crying I don't care at all, I know…..you think I'm an butthole
    I don't want to hurt people I just want to feel a emotion any emotion will be fine.

  • the thumbs up in Greece is still a thumbs up and is not rude in any way. I am Greek I would know. Aside from that, what a great freaking video!! <3

  • If I try to smile when I'm mad or sad it just irritates me and I get even more pissed off.

  • coool video i like it acualy ita awsomeeeeeeeee

  • I want some botox lol

  • But what if I don't appreciate my emotions

  • While the question is always on the mind, why does the answer seem so far away? Life's problems made simple in, "the KEY"

  • Stress make me feel hungry, pissed off, and sad.

  • yes i noticed my face getting puffy!
    off shore!

  • the hell philippines is not rude. Philipines is the most beautiful country;Boracay, Palawan(pwerto princesa, coron etc.,), Batanes, Burol, Cebu, Bagio, Batangas(taal, etc.,), Albay(mayon)etc.,….I hate americans, japanese, and spain, bakit kasi sila ang dahilan kung bajit naging masama ang mga tao dito. nasalinan na ng ibang lahi kaya naging tamad. nag hirap ang pilipinas dahil sa inyo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The "come here" gesture he mentions in the beginning wont get you arrested in the Philippines (that's way too much), but people there may find it rude, because calling someone like that gives them the impression that you're looking down on them.

  • I live in the Philippines and I have never seen anyone do that hand gesture. My mom says when people do it in her hospital patients see it as very rude

  • Did anybody know that botox actually contains a little bit of botulinum neurotoxin and that 1 gram (approx. 1/4 of a teaspoon or 0.03527 ounces or 0.0022 lb.) of the toxin will kill 14,000 people if ingested, 1.25 million if inhaled or 8.3 million if injected?

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