Elon Musk’s Story: A Biography by Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk’s Story: A Biography by Ashlee Vance

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Elon Musk is such an interesting guy! Ashlee Vance did a great job with this biography and I recommend it to all engineering majors.

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  • Reading this right now! The dude is my role model!

  • I use to fix and repair my friends remote control cars !

  • Africa is not a country and it is bigger than the USA anyway so it's a useless geographical reference. He is from South Africa…. How difficult is it for you to say this?

  • Rather Seppuku than fail…many people live by that principle. In fact 3000 humans commit suicide daily.

  • Go elon!!

  • I actually went to the same primary school that Elon went to when he was doing grade 3 and 4. I'm actually surprised he finished reading all the books in that library at that age, it's not the biggest of libraries but it sure did have a lot of books.

  • Africa is a continent.

  • The fact that he was born in Africa didn't stopped him from reading every book in the library?? Are you serious?? He was born in Pretoria, which is a well developed European style city to a well educated wealthy family. You make it sound like he was born in slums without electricity or basic sanitation. Beside that you make it look like Africans are f**ked by default due to the fact that they were born in Africa.

  • Practical Psychology You made a mistake . Elon Musk don't care about his employees, if you read that book i guess you remember when he fired a employee because he went to his wife which was giving birth instead of going to work. Also he fired a lot of loyal people because they didn't agreed 100% with him. He also is some kind of Harem Master …..
    Well he is a great leader for sure and a successful person but he isn't a saint or even close to he could not get so far without sacrificing people.

  • Hey honestly I like your old music better it sounds good and makes my day

  • Please bring it back

  • go slowly bro.

  • What about all or nothing. You forget about that. Marketing tricks makes you terrible at following up. Great video by the way.

  • Will his hyperloop be a failure?

  • I won I video game contest

  • How can we think like elon musk and Einstein. To simulate thing and events and concepts and test them in our minds. Don’t you have a psychological answer or practice that i could do or anyone that can do. I am assuming it is reading books and practicing in something that needs creativity. Elon Musk – video games, Einstein- violin. But please practical psychology make a video on it. Thanks in advance 🙏❤️

  • What is an elon musk?

  • Love the music, adds quite a bit to an already great video 😊

  • when I was 12 years old I always train to split my legs for flexibility every 4pm and meditate becuz I taught chakra are real

  • The most amazing thing I did when I was 12 years old is understanding origami instructions faster than anyone else and after one execution of the procedure, I master the procedure already.

  • 3:11*affect

  • When Albert Einstein was asked what it was like to be the smartest man in the world, he said you have to ask Nikola Tesla.

  • Ehh.. kind of a bit confused here.
    Yes Elon is no doubt a very bright man. But the last part that he cares for his employees bugs me. If he cares that much about them, then why exactly was there a law-suit against SpaceX because of a tons of his underpaid employees?

    They settled on 4 millions.

  • your voice is addictive

  • ganar mi primer torneo de tenis

  • When I was 12 I got my first white girlfriend..so proud of myself

  • I think with Neurolink, Elon will upload his brain to internet before he dies.
    Remember the movie "Transcendence"

  • just want to point out that the 3. point about caring for his employees is not valid anymore or at least, not valid for tesla. I know a couple of friends working there and things happened like one guy wanted to go to his child's birth, but Elon said that he couldn't go. when he asked why, elon must have said something like "you are building the best and most important car in the entire world, this is more important as your family." So as this happened or may have not happened, at tesla, elon is not the "caring" leaser anymore.

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