Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

Propaganda by Edward Bernays – http://amzn.to/2tf7EJl
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In this video we look at the ideas of Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud and a pioneering mind behind the field of public relations and modern propaganda – particularly his ideas on how group psychology can be used to manipulate the masses.
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July 12, 2017 / 50 Comments / by / in
  • Skinner, Teller, Bernays and the like, they are no scientists, they are nothing but full-blown criminals who help(ed) other criminals commit their evil crimes. These villains in a scientific disguise create toxic "theories" that can be used as secret weapons by others!

  • This was well done. Thank you for this! Collectivism leads to a regression of liberty. Individualism leads to its evolution.

  • Anyone who likes this needs to watch Century of the Self. It is free on YouTube. It kind of goes in depth with Edward's life and explains propaganda and manipulation more in depth as well. I encourage and implore you to watch this because it is part of a necessary learning to find self-actualization in the United States.

  • Watch the documentary "The Century of the Self". Beautifully curated exploration of this concept.

  • Your videos are so enlightening and important. Thank you.

  • In my opinion, FANTASTIC work. Thanks, this helped my epistemology.

  • They would not have felt the necessity to study the masses had they not felt the need to rule over us. Who elected them for this task. Individualists will never succumb to their mind games. The moment we agree that we are actually being mind controlled by them, we send out signals to them that their plot is working.

  • sounds how the democrap party runs.  Individuals (who shown us as being very evil) like Soros, moslems in countries such as sowdie barbaria, and who are atheistic communists (cultural Marxists) are behind the democrap party and get the young to do their bidding via violence, chaos, hate and intolerance while trying to blame others for being that way.  It is how the democraps, communists, moslems and the Nazis of the past gather(ed) their followers.

  • excellent work

  • Congrats on 100k! You're one of my favorite channels out there, keep up the good work I very much admire it

  • Bright analysis. I love your videos

  • This is like a video about the Illuminati without the scary soundtrack and overextended claims. Great work lol

  • amazing vid! what is the very last painting?

  • that is a splendid little quote from Freud's works! Good call! To call man out and raise herself up from the ashes of nationalism & authoritarianism, as it matters to me, being an individual is more important to me than any other group that I can relate to now and again, here & there…
    nah mean, nah mean?

  • This is so fugin horrible.. social psychopath human engineering..
    Their "argument" for public relation as a job is because, the people that didn't know better.. of course theres no jobs for "anti-public relation" but atleast inform schools and such..
    anyway it doesn't matter – we have free will, right?

  • Maybe the democratic society alond with personal liberties shouldn't be presumed as a modern innovation and investigated for what it is. Great video.

  • Beautifully expressed!

  • trouble is, none of the 'individuals' i know sees themselves as having been indoctrinated into at least a few groups which in turn have taken control of what they still cling to as beliefs or opinions of their own. are you patriotic, as in 'merica? are you a believer in the potential of capitalism's theoretical 'free market' system? or do you get your propaganda every sunday morning? is there anybody out there who can hear what i am saying here with the ears of an individual, or is it as i thought; you are all just the voices in my head.

  • Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Explains in why most people today are idiots and have no idea what's really going on. They would rather be an Uh-murican, a Steelers fan, or a Democrat, or a heterosexual (groups), than just a human, and try to figure what the hell's going on. 🙂 Great work guy, keep em coming!

  • i think you are wrong to say tribal organisation is obsolete….

  • Was glad to come across this video. I have heard his name mentioned with Walter Lippman by Noam Chomsky as the fathers of propaganda.

  • Can you do a video on the psychology of money please

  • Pay particular attention that Bernays was a Jew!

  • CM

    Edward Burnays Propaganda, is a brilliant book, I'm half way through and it's a real eye opener…. My old Dad is asleep, but said he will read the book when I've finished.

  • wow

  • lord of the flies
    this movie represents today's society.
    unfortunately when we watch it we relate to the star but from what I see, 99.9% of people would back the pack rather than face isolation.

  • 30k views 1k likes my ass
    But this is more proof of this video

  • You lost me when you started in with the evolution fairy tale stuff. Seriously, if you still believe we came from apes, you have no business making these videos.

  • Walk through the crowd, not with the crowd.
    Be ahead of the pack, not the leader of the pack.
    The masses are ignorant, so are rarely right, especially when subject to an idea that is misunderstood .
    What proof have you of the assertion that individual consciousness is novel? Language tends to be quite specific.

  • Wow man, incredibly interesting content. I love your use of references in the videos, that you pull from. I love how you are able to paint an idea for us to latch onto in a relatively short manner. I have subscribed and will now binge watch your entire catalogue for the most part. Makes my Monday better.

  • Wow!, Great!….. insight

  • Industrial soceity will implode.

  • "Group mind" as it is placed as a concept at the end of this video, as "regressive", is not accurate, because the hyper-normalisation of individualism is not our natural state as a species, and is not necessarily beneficial for us as a species. The rejection of injustice is a natural and obvious result of injustice. The normal unjust social hierarchy, is not to be defended as if it is "progressive" without making a case for it as beneficial. The entire rest of the video, and Bernays' work pointed out how control and manipulation worked, but not, for what purpose such influence is being made to work towards.

    A society of manipulated, controlled slavery, is worth resisting, even to the point that a regression to tribal psychology is the obvious backlash against social norms which we never, really, actually chose.

    The powerful made their bed, and humans will force them to lay in it. Both left and right, are rejecting this societal construct of manipulation and manufactured sophistry. Maybe it is human nature to break such things. I hope so. I just hope we do not revert to barbarism, but remember cooperation. Our socio-biological traits seem to indicate that we are evolved to eventually reject domination and anonymity… and that will always end up acting to the detriment of illegitimate hierarchy.

  • What a great channel! Keep up the good work.

  • Lol so…what does life do?

  • The manipulation failed in 2016 sorry not sorry Hillary Clinton

  • fuck you commercials

  • (((Edward Bernays))) along with the teachings of his uncle (((Sigmund Freud))) pushed the all comsuming Self of "individualism" to manipulate the masses. This video is a distortion of what Bernay's influences actually did to society as a whole.

  • Very good thank you.

  • Seeing group consciousness as "A pathological tendency that needs to be overcome" was a really interesting point. Reading about ancient and nomadic cultures, I always admired their harmony and collective unity; as well as their relationship with nature. I always compared that with western societies individual consciousness and the selfishness that comes out from it (thinking about ones needs/wants instead of whats best for the group).

    But if we are ever to grow out of our immature state, and into an age that values both the groups health as well as the individuals integrity, we'll have to combines the unity of the ancients with the self-reliance of today.

    Thanks for the added perspective! Comments welcome 🙂

  • There is a famous book on the subject by French Psychologist Gustave Le Bon.

  • Thank you!

  • Charlottesville = Divide and Conquer. Soros is targeting our economy, like he's targeted so many others.

  • Didn't you create a video on cultural Marxism? If not, can you?

  • Manipulating Americans is too fucking easy. Welfare & police are displayed before the masses. Freedom is silenced & there you have it, degradation without limit.

  • Bernays didnt factor in the Internet .

  • wow

  • In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping
    (2 Peter 2:3)

  • I wish to join the vast majority in commenting about how the group identity is bad lol

  • Evolution is propaganda, wake up!

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