Economic Update: Economics, Psychology and Mass Murders

Economic Update: Economics, Psychology and Mass Murders

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Season 6, episode 41
THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:57 – Victims of Las Vegas shooting unable to pay for medical care;
02:48 – updates on the Trump/GOP tax plan;
03:50 – Updates on closing 6,400 retail stores in 2017;
09:05 – Americans having “trouble” paying bills;
10:02 – how post-1989 Russia is economically more unequal than the
13:02 – Eastern Europe now a colony of Western Europe;
15:25 – how Puerto Rico is treated as a U.S. colony;
17:10 – The left emerges in Portugal and UK;
19:55 – targeting finance vs entire system;
21:34 – closing rural US hospitals;
24:19 – announcements;
25:40 – Puerto Rico as US colony
28:51 – SPECIAL GUEST: Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on economics, psychology and mass murders. Full episode available free via podcast or as a video on Patreon:

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