Economic Update: Economics, Psychology and Mass Murders [CLIP]

Economic Update: Economics, Psychology and Mass Murders [CLIP]

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Professor Richard Wolff interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad on economics, psychology and mass murders. Full episode available free via podcast or as a video on Patreon:

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October 11, 2017 / 14 Comments / by / in
  • What we should be looking at is how the rate of homicides by guns were in the past in comparison to today. It's siginificantly lower today than it was in the 1990s. And that has happened in spite of the NRA ensuring gun laws are really lax. This suggests that guns arent the problem. There's another underlying issue here. If you control guns, people will just find another way to kill people. You can probably kill as many people as the Vegas shooter did if you rammed a car into the crowd of people. Should we ban cars?

    It only seems like deaths by guns have been going up because the media seeks to report on it more.

    They also don't talk about how many lives are saved due to guns used for self defence or defense of others

  • Her point is well taken: these randoms acts of violence are not so much dictated by political motives, they are the result of a pointless rage. It is the current economic system combined with poor education, poor health care and a totally unresponsive leadership.
    Imagine you are surrounded by wolves, each in turn snarls and lunges, you turn from one to the next brandishing your stick and swinging randomly to drive them off. They are hungry and you will eventually be too tired to continue. That is their strategy and it will work. How can one person defeat them? Only through cooperation with others do we have any chance of driving these predators out into the open where we can better defend ourselves.

  • When I was growing up (1950's-60's) we had guns and they were relatively easily available. We even had many protests happening. What we didn't have was years of "action-adventure" movie indoctrination that was often paid for in large part by the Pentagon. Our society has gone overboard to make violent acts appear innocuous. We idolize "action-adventure" versus getting out and living a real life. My friends and I, aged 12-13yrs would carry guns out to an open air shooting spot and taget practice. Never did I see anyboby acting "nuts" or shooting at sillouette targets of people. The goofiness now, combined with poverty and injustice is "stirring the pot" for nefarious people who want to see our country slide into a programmed chaos. Led by who???

  • Vegas was an inside job, just like 911. This is definitely being politicized. It's about control/prohibition of a "thing" which always exacerbates violence and criminal activity.
    This is the economics of prohibition at work, as well as public relations propaganda from the likes of people like Edward Bernays. Oh dear-ism; carpe diem.

  • It's because they don't understand their rage is at capitalism. They're indoctrinated to believe America is great and that there is no option other than capitalism.

  • What is the price of Freedom?

  • it's been well documented that the more inequality there is in a society the more violence there will be. when it comes to how hideously violent we are in the united states, our guns are beside the point. the weapons we allow people to own just make it easier to be violent. they don't, in fact, cause the violence. if we got rid of them all down to the last bullet, we'd still have an inordinate amount of violence. the psychiatrist james gilligan spells out the correlation between inequality and violence in a multi-volume study called "violence". you can see a number of lectures he's given on the subject here on youtube. and there are others concerned with the topic who have also written extensively on it.

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  • From what I see americans treat there guns as toys that can offer pleasure and protection.

  • Individual right to freedom of speech, individual right to own guns, individual rights to be shot in a mass shooting…MURICA!!!

    Good training for when the US wants to invade other nations for raw resources or for a military base, or to support a rich corporation under paying workers.

  • "We are the only nation which has prolific unchecked gun use"… It's called 'American Exceptionalism'.

  • The guns need to be available; so that if the government becomes oppressive its citizens can react!

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