Eating and Body Dysmorphic Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #33

Eating and Body Dysmorphic Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #33

Get Help: If you think you have an eating disorder, please contact for help!

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In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank walks us through the troubling world of Eating and Body Dysmorphic disorders. There’s a lot going on here and, even though we still have a lot of dots to connect, a lot we can learn to help ourselves and each other.

Table of Contents:

Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge-Eating Disorder 01:55
Types of Body Dysmorphic Disorders 05:58
Psychological & Environmental Roots 08:03

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October 7, 2014 / 43 Comments / by / in
  • I wanna be fit and im thin but im healthy… Do i have eating disorder?

  • So there's Anorexic body, Obese body, and Extreme Bodybuilder body. Too thin, too fat and too much muscle.

  • I'm fat so I'll start eating more when I'm skinny

  • I feel like a lot of people don't completely understand that eating disorders are an actual psychological problem. I think people are convinced that it is a choice people make because they want to look a certain way, opposed to knowing that you think that way because it's the disorder talking.

  • I skip lunch since I eat breakfast at like 10 and workout at 12 to 1 then grab an apple since I'm way too tired. Then I eat at like five and chill is that fine or?

  • anorexia increases insulin sensitivity and affects the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's. Sex discrimination, stigma and lack of understanding is what causes extreme anorexia.

  • I know what I look like. Im 5 foot 5 and 98 pounds. My problem is consistency in eating. I forget or chose not to eat because it's not a priority to me. Any suggestions?

  • This is a mirror of my life.

  • When they showed that part of the crying muscular guy I thought it looked funny, then I realized I was part of the problem.

  • Yeah, I don't want to self-diagnose myself with Anorexia Nervosa, but the past 3 years have been pretty shitty. I did find out that both my brother and aunt have eating disorders as well. My mom and step-dad idolized their underweight nieces, I was in the healthy range of weight at that time, but I couldn't help to think that thin was 'perfect'. I'm thinking rational now in this comment by reflecting on the causes, but I haven't eaten in the past 2 days now and I stayed up all night so I could sleep during the day to deprive myself of food even more. Eh, just watched this video because CRASHCOURSE IS AMAZEBALLS!

  • what does someones bmi need to be before they can be diagnosed with anorexia ?

  • I suffer from adhd meds for severe adhd

  • I might have bulimia

  • I could never starve myself. I ain't up for that

  • Okay. Legitimate question. I believe I have binge eating disorder ( I didn't know this was a thing until a few days ago).
    So I eat one meal a day (which is dinner) and I don't eat a lot of it. Once everybody goes to bed I eat everything in line of sight, even when I'm not hungry. I always feel so badly after I eat something I KNOW I shouldn't bc I'm overweight and need to watch my weight. do I have this disorder?

  • Does it count as an eating disorder if the person is overly concerned with their weight, doesn't eat to the point of starvation and perceives themself as heavier than they are even if they don't throw up or exercise?

  • I'm being,,,,attacked

  • Honestly the misinformation about weight playing a rule in having a eating disorder is deadly and something that needs to be corrected asap.

  • Having anorexia nervosa and body dismorphia, this makes me wonder if what I see in the mirror is real.

  • this made me so fuckin sad…

  • It's a shame they do not cover ARFID, a form of eating disorder covered in the DSM-V.

  • you cant go to a pysch hospital for an ED.. you go to a facility for eating disorders.

  • What do you do when your friend has some disorder? I accept her and I want to try to help her but i dont know how? Please give me some advice

  • When I was in 6th grade, I was 4'11, 62 lbs… Unfortunately, I still struggle. I'm currently 5,6, 105 lbs. I'm trying to get better though.

  • Today I ran 10 miles, and only ate Kippers kale beef broth pasta and veggies. It sounds like a reasonable amount of food, but I'm so hungry laying in my bed.

  • I was anorexic during my adolescent into teenage years, and for me it was related to sexual abuse. I didn't want to get fat or more shapely.. and obviously I thought I was getting fat. It just went to an extreme and I stopped menstruating and the effects it has had on my reproductive system is really cray.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • How is it that a symptom of anorexia is dehydration when all you can do is stuff yourself with water to avoid eating?

  • I'm not sure if it's bad but I don't eat anything until I come back from school so I can eat whatever I want when I get back

  • When you used to suffer from anorexia and you're name is Loren 😐
    Two seconds into this video I was like WHAT XD

  • Being overly skinny or fat is both a severe problem. We shouldn't sugar coat it and lie to ourselves that we are 'healthy'. Fat acceptance is a stupid movement, but I can understand why some people are fat or skinny due to actual disorders.

  • People need to acknowledge that anorexia can happen to overweight people too. Not acknowledging that is contributing to the fatphobia that causes anorexia.

  • I domy think YouTube meme shouldn't exist and must be kept as a secret! Thank you!

  • i think i might have BDD

  • Thank you for properly explaining this in an unbiased and easy to understand way. Educating others on mental illness is so important!

  • 5:47 this is largely a misconception, eating disorders are largely associated with rich white women and as an asian american trans man who is still closeted and thus presents as a woman it was a painfully long time before i got an actual diagnosis because i didn't fit the typical image of the average person with an ED and there was probably some bias involved with the fact that many people think east asians are all naturally thin.

  • I wanted to cry when he started talking about BDD because I haven't been diagnosed but I hate my body so much that I feel like I was born with the wrong one or that a mistake was made when I was created, that I was given the wrong body. I feel like I'm separate from it because it's so disgusting to me.

  • Is this guy John Green's brother ?

  • Jesus Christ this is like my story and my name is Lauren

  • I am recovering from a long standing issue with anorexia and even a year after getting out of the hospital and gaining 30 pounds I still struggle with it.
    I constantly feel fat. I obsessively diet and weigh myself all the time. I know my BMI though, so I try not to fall into bad habits and stay within my healthy weight. It is a struggle though. I want so badly to be back to the way I was sometimes. Even though I know it could kill me. It is so hard going from 84 pounds to 106. I obsessively check my appearance all the time. It's something I'm working on. I'm incredibly grateful for the people in my life who love and encourage me to stay on the right track. I would not be alive without them.

  • All I did was get off sugar and Steroids for my eye. That's what made me Fat. You will lose weight gradually like I did. It's REHAB time. It's time to Love yourself.

  • You guys should cover ARFID! Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is a less touched upon but still dangerous and problematic disorder. It's most common in children, especially paired with other issues such as dissociation and depression in children. It's characterized by an extremely restrictive diet consisting usually of foods high in carbohydrates, sweet/mild in taste, and often excluding entire food groups like meats vegetables etc. other symptoms are high sensitivity to taste, smell, and texture, and panic anxiety related to eating foods the child usually does not eat, and a lack of hunger when subjected to stressors or triggers. When the disorder goes unrecognized (often brushed off as pickiness) it can progress into adulthood, getting increasingly difficult to treat. The largest problem encountered by ARFID sufferers is a lack of nutrients and routine eating, as appetite can suddenly drop for weeks at a time, making it hard to eat at all. This renders the person fatigued, often iron deficient, thin and malnourished, and excluded in social situations because of their difficult diet, which leads to more stress and in turn more starving. Please, please shed more light on this disorder. As a sufferer, ARFID is just as real and just as painful to live with as other more common eating disorders, yet it goes unknown and forgotten. Treatment is hard to get, too. Please help out your fellow ARFID sufferers, all the "picky eaters". Thank you.

  • so my girlfriend used to be anorexic and she'd been forced into a hospital and to a therapist at the time. she became well enough to leave soon and she is definitely much healthier now, but at the moment she still sees herself in a terrifying way and has body-dismorphic disorder. she always says how she thinks she's really unattractive and even tried to delete the pictures of herself off my phone… she is completely against getting a therapist or any other kind of professional help rn. i've been supporting her but i'd really want her to have a professional help her…
    if anyone has any tips please help. she's been becoming depressed, i just want to see her happy more often.

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