Early Childhood School Psychologist

Early Childhood School Psychologist

Amy Taylor is an early childhood school psychologist at the Hodges Early Intervention Center. She assesses preschool-aged children for autism and other developmental disorders.


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  • And?  She had to sign a document agreeing to never suggest vaccines cause autism?  Psychiatrists are Big Pharma whores—why shouldn't psychologists be also, if on a lesser scale?

  • Awww this video made me so proud! She's a great mommy and school Psychologist!!! 

  • I currently work as a dedicated aide with an autistic child and I love the group of kids I'm in the classroom with. I am in college and trying to figure out where or what I want to be. After watching this video, I realize that school psychology is exactly where I want to be in the future. I get to still work with special needs students and I also get to explore the psychology world.

  • Yes I'm a singer but i do want to become a school psychologist because i want to work with special need children, mostly because i am one and i want them to know they are not alone.
    I felt alone and thought i was useless because of my disability and still do times but i know i can do anything i put my mind to.
    I don't ever want any kid to feel the way i did, i want them to know i understand.

  • beautiful

  • I am looking into a career in school phycology how much is the average pay ?

  • Awww cuteeee

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