What better way to welcome the DSM-5 than with Dr. Stahl, NEI, and disco? Debuted at the 2013 NEI Congress. To register for the NEI Congress, please visit http://nei.global/congress.


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  • lo maximo!!!

  • I can't watch this enough. Bravo.

  • Dieses Video hat das Zeug, viral zu werden ­čśë

  • Me gusta.

  • love it… want to work for him… sounds like it could be fun!

  • what

  • I looove this!

  • So cool and true

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • magnifique !!!

  • Hilarious …love the suit ­čÖé

  • +TheCaptainSlappy┬á+MisterThomasPAINE2┬á+BeranM┬á+Eurisko Omni Importante Naturalis Lex (nil-emolumentum)┬á+106lifeisgreat┬á

  • Love it! I hope there will be more gems like this.´╗┐l: DSM-5 Disco via +dorlee m

  • Dear Stahl. From now, I won┬┤t be able to study your psychopharmachology books without an intruder mental image of you dancing this song. The more I see this video, the more I laugh. Study to PIR exam (clinical psychology specialization, in Spain) is so hard, so thanks for give us a laugh break, jeje.

  • Dear Professor, I just love this video. I always loved your psychofarmakology books – but this is so super┬áextraordinary – i can┬┤t stop laughing

  • Breaking news! Psychiatry with a human face!

  • Your DSM 5 music video is brilliant ! Thank you

  • Studding for a final and I found this. Thank you!

  • I thought they removed the bereavement exclusion.

  • HHAHAH amo esta versi├│n <3

  • ive been searching the internet for days
    i still dont know what dsm-5 is

  • I love this. Contuining to fight against the inhumane treatment of the "mental healthcare" system.

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