Dr. Umar Johnson’s Trial vs. The PA Psychology Board

Dr. Umar Johnson’s Trial vs. The PA Psychology Board

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Breaking news in the world of entertainment: Dr Umar Johnson’s Trial vs. The PA Psychology Board

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January 8, 2018 / 38 Comments / by / in
  • Looking forward to his embezzlement trial where is that half a million Nigga?


  • The PA attorney should fired. He got whipped in this case.

  • So are they trying to take his license? (If he had one in the first place). What’s happening?

  • Got Dam the nigga with the camera keep clearing his throat and coughing and shit.. fuckin annoying

  • CERTIFIED and LICENSED are two different things. also… what is his Ph.D in?

  • Beware if you’re listening with headphone. Deaf inducing coughs.

  • Ran off with the plug twice!

  • You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law
    He is not that smart as he say he is can you can tell he has never been in that hot seat b4
    Talk to much
    This was to show what evidence they had on you

  • I really don’t know where I stand with this dude Umar but I wish black folks went this hard to discredit white people as they do black folks

  • They have no evidence against Umar. They're reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggg.

  • Top 10 interviews?.. yes it should have been higher…..arrogance!!!

  • Dr. Johnson will be all right. There’s not much anyone can do to him so long as he knows his rights. But this shit was a huge waste of time lol There’s doctors out there that should be getting charged right now with malpractice. This is petty on the state’s behalf.

  • I'm a DESCENDANT of James Evans!!!

  • Throw his ass in prison!

  • UHURU!

  • How many honkies on this thread?… Just asking….

  • I see a lot of talking on here,but the dude never claimed to be licensed. Y’all are going after the wrong bag. Ask him were is the money for the school ?

  • This up and personal lol good looking on the video, our people need to see this! but damn! If our folks don’t see this was a prime example of WS , exactly what Our brother “tareeq” preaches about every week then our future is doomed..I literally just watch them (devils) bring up the breakfast club interview like if he said something that Incriminated himself and then have the nerve to charge him 2400$ over investigation tapes which was BS evidence..you could tell the judge was just waiting for him to dig his own hole SMH..I fucks wit Umar vision..

  • They just wasted the courts time with is BS.

  • Lmao, this is some nigga shit. They pulled up the breakfast club.. really??? 😂😂😂

  • I’m GLAD he won his hearing

  • This is sad. I love the love that he has for us. And its hard. I wish he could just give the money back. And get another chance. We all need a second chance. I know I have. Peace family.

  • 10 to 14 years of your life, and 200,000 Dollars of your money to Get a DAMNNNN paper and People Can Try to Get it in one Day lol INTERESTING DAMNNNN and SAD. StoneThug.com

  • For everyone on here if you didn't donate to the man's school and I believe all of you didn't why are you worried about the money that's none of your business we don't do this to our obvious enemies really.

  • B1

  • Damn white boy got low income government phone!!!!.

  • He could be a doctor on bullshit so im not convinced at all.He doesnt have the credentials to practice anything.

  • Handel your business Doctor ! !!!.

  • "Investigative costis?"

  • Damn mofos in the audience need some Robitussin. Coughing and shit. Annoying.

  • The person behind the camera is making it difficult to hear Dr. Umar Johnson. They keep making all of that "popping" noises. What are they doing? Putting on lipstick or chapstick or something? Lol smh. Not to mention all of the loud coughing they were doing. Anyway, its good Umar came out alright. Hopefully, he will move on to get his license now.

  • Free Mason theatrics to gain him more publicity and credibility, just like Roland Martin.

  • I do not support Umar anymore but I will support him here

  • I'm a DESCENDANT of Bootsie Collins

  • N M

    Damn shame 😡😡😡 Is that a black woman judge?????

  • all those fools who thought he was lying. cause somebody said he lied about having a license. did he ever say he had a LICENSE.

  • I'm a DESCENDANT…of Calvin & Stephen Candie from Django. Dis Candie land nigga!

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