Difference between physical and psychological urges

Difference between physical and psychological urges

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Video discusses how while the intensity between the psychological thoughts for cigarettes weeks or months into your quit may feel very much like the physical urges you may have encountered in the beginning of your quit, that there is an important difference in the two states.

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  • I believe I owe you my life. Around a year and a half ago I started watching your videos and the things you were saying made sense to me in a way that nothing else ever had. Because of your methods, I haven't had a puff on a cigarette for more than a year and a half. Thank you 🙂

  • You are so relevant, I am on day 66 of my quit. I need to listen to all of your videos. Thank you! Please do not ever remove any of your videos. A lot of people need this information and encouragement. Thank you again, :)-

  • Thank you….you should be in every school in the world.

  • My gosh this video is awesome. Thanks so much. Day 9 without a cigarette

  • wow. exactly

  • hi thank you very much for all the videos

  • thank you 🙂

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Joel. Day 7 and doing great, feeling great. Your videos have helped me so much and I'm truly grateful to you.

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