Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

In this video we are answering questions such as; What is Developmental Psychology, what does a Developmental Psychologist do?, what is the difference from pedagog. Moreover, looking into biological, psychodynamic, learning, cognitive and contextual perspectives toward Developmental Psychology.

00:07 ve 01:08 – Kail, R. V. (2012). Children and Their Development (6th ed.). USA: Pearson.
00:13 ve 00:40 – Hacettepe Üniversitesi. (tarih yok). Psikolojinin Alt Alanları. Haceteppe Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü: adresinden alınmıştır
00:22 – Petrie et al. (2009). Pedagogy – a holistic, personal approach to work with children and young people, across services. p. 4.


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  • why not define term development psychologically first ?

  • I do have a question. If a person gets a degree in Developmental science are they restricted to just the research aspect or can they also branch out into a more diverse area such as counseling or child behavior specialist etc or do they have to get a completely different degree?

  • Bu ne kanalın adı türkçe video ingilizce bi git ya

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