Derren Brown with Psychology Students

Derren Brown with Psychology Students

Derren Brown wields his powers of perception and mind manipulation over the unsuspecting and the sceptical.

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  • you Dumb B@#@H…….. open your eyes, he never even once open the envelope and showed whether you were RIGHT or WRONG. He just moved on to the next trick just saying you were wrong and you just kept believing that.

  • You are so much fun to watch Derren!

  • nlp

  • Derren made it seem like it was random but I am sure as hell it wasn't.

  • For the people saying "Every envelope has money so he just opens the one she didn't pick and say look you're wrong." A.) He opens both envelopes either before or after each round. B.) The height of the bills sticks out beyond the V cut on the back of each envelope so just lifting the flap is enough to expose the contents.

  • She is easy to read and manipulate, the envelope she picked the second time he asked her shows she is easy to manipulate, the fact that he easily read her when it was her turn shows she is easy to read, giving her a false sense of belief in herself when he said "you're very good" made her stick with her choice in the end.

  • Are they stupid?
    It was so bloody obvious what he was doing each time!

  • Well then, I got all of the envelopes right, despite not being a psychology student/teacher. Now does that make me extremely lucky or smarter than this woman? Fire up the hate : Go!

  • Slight of hand.

  • It should say "Derren Brown with three women".

  • i bet that girl was like ..time to switch teachers

  • Derren Brown should figure out how to implement these tricks in a pick-up routine and sell his product online 😀

  • "Stick with it im telling you *laughs" 4:15 LOOOOOOOOOOL Hilarious

  • Excuse me Derren Brown while Sherlock Holmes borrows this scene from you

  • Hey! This is my school!

  • secret pockets in every envelope. theres money in all of them.

  • I asked the pixies ,and they said esnewaruptetrout farling de grosfurp , which explained fully why people in these comments say others are stupid

  • *sp*eyes and worms have nothing to do with it, of course. Nicely done. LOL these comments. 🙂

  • So funny with all the comments from people saying "His psychology is so obvious"

    Anybody who believes that this video had anything to do with psychology or hand signals has been successfully tricked 🙂

  • He's got me on the third one :{

  • 2:55 is he just looking for the finger mark?

  • well well well but you can't trick me i can say that for sure. hahahahahahaha (evil laugh)

  • The girl in red was dripping wet.

  • There is a point that once people have the impression that they are better than you or you are better than them in this case derren brown showing hows its done, he already knows you are in a state of submission and people have very predictable traits when you are submissive. But when dominant, you are unpredictable to them, its a mind fuck to some but its very simple, as soon as you miss the tiny piece the rest is a mystery. And then theres the ego that stays with everything

  • I'm sorry but why were there two other girls there???

  • Pretty simple really, make your choice before he attempts to influence you, it's 50:50. I wont 3 out of the 4 times because i always chose the one on the left regardless of what he said. Of course if it's a trick, then it doesn't matter what he says, or what you pick, you have a 0% chance,

  • See, if i could run circles around people like Derren does, I'd be the most arrogant, smug prick in the world.
    But he's sooo cool and down to earth. Charming too

  • Any time a magician asks you if you want to change your mind, you should. Like, really. Itls like in horror movies when they have to go snooping at night. just stay in bed!

  • Derren Brown is a homosexual. I am not sure whether or not the students are lesbians.

  • uhm….envelop switch neath desk.

  • Conjecture in every comment….just look at life, look at humans, his level is extreme….but we all have the capacity!

  • I would not listen to a thing he said and just do some sort of 'ini mini myni mo'.

  • For everyone saying there's money in all envelopes, very good, that's the simplest answer. How did he guess her envelope right though? That and I've seen him do it with coins (manipulating which hand you put it in). I really think it is actually all suggestion, and the reason why people don't believe that is because it's TOO simple of an answer. There's a reason why he doesn't do these types of tricks anymore. He's too well known, people catch on, look for the suggestions actively and win. He's gotten too famous.

  • Psychology students are the worse, they think they know everything about you because of the way you hold your phone

  • "no it's not" at 3:02… That smirk haha

  • If it's just a trick, how did he do it?

  • It's so great that the people doing psychology are just as human and susceptible to fall for these things as anyone else.

  • I didn't even listen to what he was saying. I just picked the one HUGE BULGING ENVELOPE that he puts the CRUMPLED note into.

  • When he put his hands behind his back he created the letter A with his body

  • He's freakingly scary.

  • ud tss ka tss ud ka tss ka tss ka ud ka tss ud ka tss tss

  • As Darren himself says: Nobody ever changes their mind but you should change your mind 😀 Love it!

  • so you're saying that these individuals…….are psychology students????
    i study economics and even i could tell if he's bluffing or not

  • I would have ruined this show by asking to check both envelopes. I'm sure this happens a lot but he just does the same tricks to like ten groups and takes the bets one.

  • Degree in psychology results in: "Derren Brown was predicting what I was going to do before I did it" – Fucking A*.

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