Dave Chapelle – Men and Women Psychology – Very True

Dave Chapelle – Men and Women Psychology – Very True

Dave talks about how men and women don’t get along anymore and that chivalry is dead… but women killed it. smartest man ever. watch, its funny!


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  • Equality- great. Just fine. But there's a whole different thing coming down that I don't really understand.

  • !!!!"SCANDALOUS"!!!!!

  • Why they search my Fam. ???

  • KML 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Everything he said about women is 100% true

  • Chapelle is one of the best comedians ever, so much truth!

  • Birth Canal!!! 😂

  • Hey Boo, do u com(ment) here often?

  • Truth

  • Chivalry is not dead, Hallelujah and thank God, wait til you become a senior citizen and then you will really appreciate chivalry.

  • He and Robin Williams are the funniest guys I know.

  • true that Mr. Chapelle…

  • facts

  • Chris Rock tells it how it is all the time and somehow manages to make it funny…more often than not. I'v always kinda wondered 'bout that. It's the exaggeration, me thinks. It is true, but he takes it a step further to make it ridiculous. Now Chapelle takes a page from Chris's book

  • All the men come here in the comments to cry about how they don't have girls

  • He's right woman did kill it!

  • Time 2:12 👍
    Time 3:43 😆 😁 😀 👌

  • I like nice cars because i like nice cars.
    So much for "very true".


  • true words

  • I remember when I saw this show. It was one of the top 5 greatest stand up sets ever!

  • well thats where gotcha bitch came from

  • Nigga speakin sum Truth

  • These words get truer and truer as time passes.

  • Holy fuck I just found the King Meme unexpectedly.

  • My husband clapped and laughed at his list of four 😂😂 fuck out of here!! 😂😂

  • Gotcha bitch


  • Its all about what we feel Truth

  • So true women dress like whores but say they are not whores

  • Shame vaginas stink!! And look disgusting! But guys need it anyway! Fucking biology!

  • Tasteless When it Comes to Name of the Video – Very True

  • At his best….they should teach this in school – Chapelle curriculum

  • Gotcha bitch!lol

  • This and Chris Rock's Kill the messenger make me think that I am a man. Mmm.


  • Preach brutha! Preach!

  • Yes I am giving it away because I want sex too. I'm not here to bolster anyone's ego. Take it of leave it. 99% take it.

  • 7:03 love life

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