Data Storage 3-2-1 Featuring Synology DSM 5

Data Storage 3-2-1 Featuring Synology DSM 5

Data Storage 3-2-1 is an important guideline and Synology NAS can help you meet the requirements in a elegant and scalable way – Are there others methods if reaching data storage 3-2-1 requirements that you would like us to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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May 20, 2014 / 34 Comments / by / in
  • You should do a video showcasing FreeNAS with a custom built NAS. Something like an AsRock C2750D4I with a bunch of drives using a few different ZFS pool types. Show people how to configure a Plex setup for users to use around the house. Fairly straight forward, but I like the customize-ability of a homemade NAS over a prebuilt solution.

  • I just use my WHS I made with a repurposed HP Pavilion.

  • Employees: "slaves" O.o

  • Would be cool to see the esteem digital software in action, but definitely will be checking these out soon.

  • freenas

  • this is insane pro LvL 0_o Crazy, i just save data on usb drive 😀

  • Who's this guy?

  • you're not Linus


  • check out a QNAP nas :3 im having troubles deciding between the two

  • Damn you for making me think about data loss! 😉

  • If I install an SSD, do i have to have it screwed in? I have misplaced the screws.. Can i just place it in my case on the bottom HDD shelf?

  • i'm using xpenology it's actually trhe synology os but installed on any computer that's so great

  • I want Luke's shirt! Where did he get it from?!

  • OMG it's a squirtle t-shirt

  • Luke- you missed the most important advantage like playing stored videos and surveillance station..

  • a lot of DSM software is quite buggy. I would not sync with Cloud Sync any files you have 1 copy of.

    I tested this and lost the files…good that I had a 1-week back up of those files.

  • I usually email my files to myself, keep a copy on pen drive and a copy on hard drive.

  • K C

    Qnap please!

  • When performing a backup to a external drive ( USB) in what format do I have set that external device for synology perform a backup. I have tried NTS and Fat 32 and it presents me with an error. I have ds713+  one drive only… In the process of moving to 2 x 6Tb ( current  4tb) and cant really move forward without a backup. any thoughts on this?

  • I know someone who has one of the big models, he recommended it and after watching this, I think I might have to save up for one

  • Synology server thingy vs the we cloud ex 2 thing

    Which one do I go for

    I'm having a home server for following

    Plex media stuff like movies

  • Would I be able to back up to an offside synology with out having a local synology?

  • Or is there a better way to back up off site

  • is it true that synology tech support is very bad?

  • I brought my synology in 2014 and when I installed the app on my phone to backup my cell phone every thing worked fine but soon after that some thing changed and I can no longer backup my SD card it's only internal memory so the whole reason I brought my synology is now a bust …… Now I mostly use my synology as a drop box kinda of device

  • Hyperbackup instructional video, anywhere ?

  • Hello, thank you for the great video. On the subject of Synology software raid with NAS certified hard drives, would you recommend 8 X 2TB HDD = 12TB SHR2 or 5 X 4TB HDD = 12TB SHR2? Both usable capacity is 12TB but I'm not sure which way is best/less risky. Only difference on synology raid calculator is, 1st setup mentioned: 4TB "used for protection" and 2nd setup mentions: 8TB "used for protection.

  • The Synology boxes seem extremely expensive for the weak hardware they
    include. When looking at the CPU and RAM included, I notice that you can
    buy and/or build systems for 50-80% cheaper. Do you think Synology
    boxes are worth the price despite weak hardware for the steep price? I
    am launching a photography/cinematography/photo booth business and plan
    on storing between 2 and 6 TB of additional photos and videos a year. I
    intend on programming each photo booth to automatically upload the
    photos to a server/NAS so they can download them in real time, and
    provide links to photo/video albums for clients. I am also considering
    hosting Cpanel as I have been paying $300 a year for my Cpanel reseller
    account with a hosting company. Any suggestions for me? Thank you!

  • i love synology .. got 2 x nas`s and the router aswell … and they are so easy to setup and easy to use … will never use anything else

  • I burn DVDs simple cheap , and never erases.

  • Hi 👋Could you update this video to the current DSM version and the ideas that synology has for the future? Because I really liking it so far and I would like to have thoughts on it. Thanks 👍

  • I just sent this letter to Synology. This has been a terrible experience. I have no words to express the situation Synology created, ruining my life and career in so many ways I will have to recover from exhaustion and after returning two of the three Synology units purchased from Amazon, I sent the unit off to one of their very kind vendor, to see if he can determine if the unit is defective.

    I took the 4 bay DS916+ NAS unit offline just hours before a finally useful letter arrived after 3 weeks of waiting for Synology Technical Support to respond to my request for assistance
    despite follow up with daily phone calls to the USA office, the only one that answers the phone in the world: England answers during closing hours with the answering machine, automatically hanging up during office hours as soon as the phone connection is made, France has hidden their phone number so well on their site one would not dare to try, Germany and China represent language problems for non-speakers obviously. Emails get you a form letter to go to the technical database pointing to problems that have nothing in common with mine.

    I will deal with the problem of the 1 TB of data that disappeared because of automatic reformatting I scoured their ridiculously formatted DSM application and Synology Knowledgebase and to postpone or deactivate… unsuccessfully.

    Worst of all in the three weeks Synology asked me to leave my connection open so they could remotely visit my NAS those dreaded automated hackers corrupted Apple MAIL, Skype, Apple store and probably more, being too busy to check while constantly chasing and fixing hacking infiltrations.

    I reached out to several YouTube Synology "experts" for advice and had foolishly trusted these experts way too much. Even with 20 years of computer experience and a degree in Electronic Media Art Direction he DSM program units has a long learning curve. The only person who offered concrete assistance in a timely manner was Roberto Cassino, a lovely Synology vendor in Salerno Italy, not the shop I bought my NAS from BTW. I gave up and shipped the unit across the country and hopefully this story will have a happy ending.

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