Dangers of Modern Psychology ~ Fr Ripperger

Dangers of Modern Psychology ~ Fr Ripperger

Why modern pyschology is dangerous. The history behind psychology. For more talks please visit http://www.sentrad.org

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  • There is also the electromagnetic field

  • Can you please post a reference for your three volume set on Psychology? I am a Catholic training to be a therapist at a Catholic institution, and would love to include it.

  • What of neurology/psychiatry? Freud is viewed as a bit of a joke. Why are some people indeed helped by medications?

  • When I did my bachelor's degree some years ago, The then professor of Logic told students that psychology suffered from experimental methods and conceptual confusion. He did not bother to elaborate any further. Having given this statement due consideration, I then tried to apply philosophy in my own life. I now experience a degradation in the society in which I live in many ways. This explanation will keep until a further presents itself.

  • "The good cheer, bright hopes, rich consolations, good tempers, regular habits, and glad songs of religion are such an antidote for the causes of insanity that thousands of people in Ohio are preserved from insanity by them. But for the beneficent influence of religion, the State would have to double the capacity of her hospitals in order to accommodate her insane patients. " Dr. AB Richardson, 1908.

    Medications don't cure anything.

  • psychologists = jews
    psychology = jewish majick
    subjects of psychology = literal shabbos cattle

  • Sensus, you make a lot of sense and I appreciate your work! I am starting to believe that the earth is actually flat. I know I sound crazy but it would prove the existence of God based on the waters above the firmament, and below explained in genesis. If you haven't looked into it, I would check it out brother. Thank you for sharing this.

  • The majority of psychiatry rejects God. The majorly refuse to have God in their practice at all. One exception would be Victor Frankel. There is a place for God in his method. However he was Jewish and clearly not Catholic. I hate psychiatry because it extracts God and Catholic teaching..

  • Praise the lord!

  • there are some interesting points that may bare truth in reality and i am great-full for having seen it, i have seen many of your other videos , and they are often very stimulating and thought provoking , and thank you, for having taken the time to create it, but this video is has some misinformation, which , seeing your aspiring righteousness, i cannot let myself be silent. It breaks my heart, and brings tears, fearing that you may just dismiss this information, i am aware that i am stepping out of line and please forgive me.

  • I appreciate the time you take to add in photos to the talk. Thank you!

  • Whoa, could get a link to that study cited around 9.5 minutes in?  I would love to look more into it.

  • The picture at 31:10: XD XD XD XD XD

  • Thank you Father. As a recent convert with no close Catholic friends, your teachings are invaluable. Please pray for my family and friend's conversion. God bless you.

  • Thanks for your courage father
    I was personally destroyed in my profession and with my children thru my x
    their mother
    The psychologist I saw for a request to a Med test wrote my x that I was an "idiot"
    And supposedly proved it in tests
    My x shared the "results" which were lies to my kids
    My kids no longer respect or admire their father
    Turns out the psychologist my x was in love with that caused our divorce
    Knew the psychologist I saw!

  • Dear God in heaven.
    My heart just dropped and broke at hearing Father say that child rape is just fine the problem was the children spoke up.
    This happened to my Brother from our Stepfather Dentist.
    Raping a child must fall under murder because you murder the person that child was made to become. My brother John Gerard died one month after his 27th Birthday. He struggled and suffered more than anyone I have ever seen before. We were best friends, had only 2 arguments in our lives. We were Irish twins only a year apart. I would have died for him and vice versa.
    This not only destroyed my Mother but A hugh part of myself died with my Brother John. I would give a limb if I could but see him healthy for 1 hour but I cannot.
    Jesus said That a man would be better off tying a millstone (Like a heavy boulder weighing more than a human) around his neck and throw himself into the sea rather than hurt a child.
    Child rape is now at epedemic proportions.
    If you suspect something is off between a child and a grown up there probably is and you have an obligation under God to report this otherwise you are complicit with child rape.

  • psychology has little effect. tried it and its Luciferian. when i came back to being orthodox Catholic (byzantine rite) ive overcome so many things through the grace of the sacriments

  • some of the best lecture ive heard are from this web site

  • I have a degree in psychology and could never support Freud, Jung, etc… because both held belief systems rooted in Satanic Nature, they based their theories upon their spiritual belief systems. I was always at odds with my instructors as well. I was led to practice The Virtues and found that any mental illness can be cured by practicing them and imitating my thoughts, words, and deeds according to the Image of Jesus Christ. Nota Bene Father Ripperger: There are more Catholics in mental instutions because the Doctors prejudice against Catholics in their intake questionnaires… especially in terms of psychosis; one can "talk" to Mary our Mother, and be considered psychotic.

  • Bless you sir for speaking Truth and Wisdom. You truly make the world a better place by helping all of us to understand. Dissecting the Truth and teaching it, is what a Truth Seeker / Scientist / Priest / Doctor's (from Latin: to teach) primary goal should be. Psychology and a Psychiatrist chief goal also should be, as explained in the Hippocratic Oath with naturopathic doctors, "Morality First, and do no Harm". And if you use drugs to put a person in just the thought of a Altered States Of Consciousness, where they lose self control from their morality, that technique alone is used to subvert the individual's conscious spiritual growth and it is used to serve the dark side. Demonic intervention, colouring the perception of the human mind, building the ego, is the way that Darkness slowly infuses itself into our lives. The Truth Seeker / anyone with any illness, must grow in experiences towards kindness and compassion and this should be made his "Common Sense". Those that seek Power over others, to break their will, do so because of Nefarious Reasons and think of it as just their right and necessity to do. Thank You Lord Jesus for the greatness of your Light, Ministry and Sacrifice in pointing The Way. As the great healer Edgar Cayce had stated "The Laws of The Lord our Creator, are perfect, for they convert it the Soul. This is probably the reason why we, in these times, don't know all the Laws of Physics, and are still growing towards them. Understanding Perfect Law means applying Perfect Responsibility in using The Law. As the great artist, sculptor, and Cosmologist, Dr. Walter Russell stated, Peace, understanding, and ecstasy of it, is where all human minds must grow to. And as is stated in The Bible "In all thy getting, get understanding". Love your teachings, and thank you for being such a great compassionate Soul. The more Truth and Wisdom someone researches and applies the more he realized the stated fact, "Truth is Beauty".

  • What is truth? Jesus Christ. Jesus is Incarnate Logos.

  • FR. Ripp. is THE BEST>>>>>>>> I have his book There is an answer….GOD….

  • As a retired MD
    I made the irreversible mistake of seeing a psychologist. In Roanoke va
    This farce called praying and believing in God as magical thinking
    But he didn't stop there and wrote to my x wife who in turn showed a made up determination of results to discredit me to my own children and grandchildren
    My last few months of life are because of his maligning me
    Hell on earth
    Perhaps my time in purgatory will be shortened

  • I have two small children and live in NYC. I would LOVE to homeschool but I'm not sure I'm capable. There are Christian homeschool groups that meet but they cost a lot of money. I would need prayer for financial ability and patience…

  • Psychiatry, even worse. Freud’s Jewish Subversion Of Christian Culture
    While on the boat to America Freud said to his colleague Karl Jung: “We are bringing the plague to America.”
    Freud soon established an “elite” – an “apostolic succession.” This “succession” began with the Jew, Alfred Adler (1870-1937) who in 1932 established a psychoanalysis professorship at the Long Island College of Medicine in America.

    ‪Israel Wages WAR on YOUR MIND‬‬‬


  • Satan is also poisoning us physically by way of geo-engineer/Chemtrails – look up at the fake clouds, fluoridation of water, forced vaccinations (cause diseases inclu autism) with all sorts of horrible things i.e. aluminium, human foetus, lithium – its all sorcery. BigPHARMA drug industry not just the illegal drugs. Rabbis trade in body parts and money laundering. Children especially are being used as human guinea pigs.. All part of the UN/Agenda 21 /Bilderberg depopulation program.

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