Crypto Trading Psychology – Controlling Your Emotions

Crypto Trading Psychology – Controlling Your Emotions

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September 3, 2017 / 21 Comments / by / in
  • Great video mate. Your refusal to buy into hype, as well as your ability to keep such a solid/realistic perspective makes you my favourite person in the crypto space to follow! Love your work.

  • Great advice. Cheers for sharing healthy trading habits. Fomo kept me up for 2 days. I made a transfer with the wrong address and lost 20k….

  • truth bombs from down under. great vid mate

  • as a 17 year old this stuff messed with me. a couple months back i got into digibyte near $0.025 aud (i believe in digibyte despite its image lol) then it price tanks and i am here first time trading and shit myself, but luckily i just bought more and its back to up to 0.03 aud but i holding it long term so lol.
    great video man feel bad for those major bitcoin swing traders

  • Have YOUR plan (different for everyone depending on many factors such as age and stage in life) and focus on it, then prepare to ride the rollercoaster! That's the key. Great Video.

  • When I very first started I did really well (no skills, 100% luck) I bet it all and won but now after some 'losing' trades I've decided to do what you say in this video, "Have a plan". I am not emotionally stable or skilled enough to do trades to increase my stack, now I'm just HODLing and buying in dips until I reach my exit price. Thanks for helping re-enforce my plan, great video.

  • Nugget how do I do some one on ones with you and join the group

  • Great Video. Keep it coming.

  • AM

    Great Video mate. You are one of the few you tubers in crytoworld who talk sensible rather pumping something . Respect that really. 👍

  • great knowledge, thx. i always sounds so simple, but we also got to do it. still, in bear markets it's so tempting to swingtrade and make a few ETHs more, hard to resist. would love to learn more from you how i do that.

  • Thank you for this video. I'm a new subscriber and like honest YouTube channels.

  • Great. This is a reality check. Need to remind myself to listen to this every few weeks.

  • Awesome video yet again, I'm especially vulnerable to buying into hype using my profits because it seems like it's just free money. I also get emotionally attached to my coins easily. Just letting you know your right audio channel is noticeably louder than the left 🙂

  • Great video, great advice. A little in the red atm but not letting emotions get the better of me. Would like to know where this current bear is heading though

  • Great video. Thank you so much. Could you do a video about how to trade a bear market

  • Alex, u seriously are my fav human, ive been setting up a bit of a blueprint for curious crypto friends after seeing my DCC last week.. and your vids, esp this one, powerledger and 'making consistent cash' one have helped curb their knee jerk responses but also motivate them to engage and learn.. Thanks for being not just a great personal resource to me but now a vicarious teacher to a small community of artists in Melbourne who are sick of the.poverty line n slave wagery while being a muso etc Always a place to stay here if u ever in melbs 🙂

  • Great video and good advice

  • Nice video. Thanks for the rational advice.

  • I have only just dipping my toes into this crypto juggernaut out of curiosity, it has opened my eyes to this new world which is hard to keep up with. Your videos have been really helpful and i wanted to thank you for your calculated advice.

  • Hi Nugget, love your work mate, keep it up. Have followed you through from HotCopper! Is there a chance i could ask you a quick question regarding ICOs (not asking for a review or anything) – can you send me a hello to my email please?

    Thanks mate

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