CRITICAL THINKING – Cognitive Biases: Anchoring [HD]

CRITICAL THINKING – Cognitive Biases: Anchoring [HD]

In this video, the cognitive scientist Laurie Santos (Yale University) explains the phenomenon of anchoring. She shows how arbitrary information sometimes can sometimes act as an anchor that affects our judgments in unexpected ways.

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  • Oh, so this is a category of stupidity? At least it's explained… wait, is this psychology or philosophy?

  • I got the math problem right in my head, but I did pause the video. I'd like to think if I was asked to guess I wouldn't be off by so much.

  • Here I was thinking this was going to be a discussion of ideologies and worldviews, not how people guess at math problems. LAME.

  • I solved the first math problem in reverse before seeing the second. Guess I'm odd.

  • perfect

  • i don't really hear voices they affect me telepathically or message wise — my thing i can not get the past outta my head like i feel my step mothers relative r sitting in a switch board and control my mind i don't really hear what they say but nonetheless their messages r clear they usually humiliate laugh at me it is like a security camera in my head controlling my thoughts also when i am on the street i feel i am brain wired to every one else and that others r thinking about me controlling me and hate me every body is in my head i can not get them at at night i feel ego shattered like even walking down a street even some one looking at me coldly this leaves me crushed and shattered –i misunderstand and misjudge every thing and can never decode or process information or behavior same with language i –also i don't know who i am like i feel i don't exit i am an ego conscious version of my step mothers relatives i feel i have died and now i am just a hologram i don't feel real or alive i feel i am divided my identity compromised of many many people when i look at a thing i feel those people in my head r looking at this thing with me–i wonder the person talking to me can see those guys in my head most the time i think they do i feel they have a packt to fuck me up i feel the whole universe and god hates me i feel so evil worthless and bad worthy of death i feel i am a worthless bug not human at all –am i schizophrenic ???

  • Being a lazy sod, I grouped the numbers, and rounded to make them easy to multiply. (2×5) x (7*3) * (4*6) * 8 is about 10 x 20 x 25 x 8 is about 200 x 200 is about 40000.

    I do get what you mean by anchoring, though. Every mattress store in my town is having a continuous 70% off clearance sale.

  • Great content, but the audio has a harsh quality to it. Like maybe there's too much noise or data compression? Anybody know what it is?

  • Excellent video 😉

  • thank you

  • the answer to both math problems is 8!, I didn't evaluate them.

  • The first example is ridiculous. 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 x 8 is an arithmetic problem with an exact answer; there is no need to guess.

  • I guesses like 27.500, a little closer.

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  • I recently wrote about my anchor in my blog 😉

  • amei do seu canal se possível dar um olhada no meu canal se inscreve, que eu retribuo o favor, valeu um abraço

  • if we can control our urge to guess we can fix the anchor problem… simply refuse to guess… find the answer.


  • Ah you got me, when you first presented the problem I knew it was a trick question so I started doing some math in reverse from 1 towards 8.

    And thought exactly 512 or maybe 502 not sure anymore.

    But this question had a double twist .

  • Nice channel I am liking and subscribing to it

  • I wonder if people higher in trait openness are less susceptible to anchoring. Ooh, what about agreeableness? Could actually test that.

  • Nice explanation!

  • 1.

  • These fucking mathematicians in the comments make me feel like such an idiot

  • Here u got a ne subscriber !

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