Controversy of Intelligence: Crash Course Psychology #23

Controversy of Intelligence: Crash Course Psychology #23

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So, how many different kinds of intelligence are there? And what is the G-Factor? Eugenics? Have you ever taken an IQ Test? All of these things play into the fascinating and sometimes icky history of Intelligence Testing. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks us through some of the important aspects of that history… as well as Nazis. Hey, I said some of it was icky.

Table of Contents

Defining Intelligence 00:00:00
Types of Intelligence 01:22:09
G-Factor 01:37:05
Sherlock Holmes 04:44:12
Intelligence Testing 02:26:23
IQ Scores 08:00:21
Eugenics 07:47:05
Intelligence Controversy 09:05:17

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July 21, 2014 / 35 Comments / by / in
  • is it ok to say everybody has thier own kind of intelligence?

  • I have a average iq, I'm happy with that. I could care less even if I was dumb. I'll be a happy dumbass. You can't determine your height,metabolism,eye color or your intelligence unless your genes are modified in a lab. So just be you. Whoever you are your special in your own way.

  • how can an idiot design a test for the intelligent man? answer..he can't ..hence intelligence will always be a catch 22 scenario…
    the trick is…one can not test intelligence but intelligence can surely demonstrate itself to ONLY a willing and receptive individual….
    being receptive ONLY allows access of intelligence…
    intelligence cant be measured it can only be experienced…

    now what is truth and whats is belief is the real question..

    i submit u would have to be god to know all and hence only then would i be able to tell truth…
    hence we only have the "theory of gravity"… our limited fleshy experience can only ever amount to a theory or a belief…and will never rise to the level of truth…and can only rise to the the of YOUR truth or MY truth…which most certainly is not the truth…

  • Everyone should be treated as a blank slate and be given equal opportunity regardless if there is some underlying factor to intelligence.

  • 10:20, CC is wrong. It's 20th not 21st century.

  • Eugenics for the win


  • Hank: You know who I think is really great at all of them?
    Me: Well Sherlock duh but go on…
    Hank: Sherlock Holmes
    Me: oMG WhaT!?

  • 🌸

  • Hank looks really drained

  • Researchers tend to build their own theories rather than making contributions to our understanding of the g factor of intelligence. I'm tired of emotional intelligence, multiple intelligence, etc. Gardenor and Sternberg have made themselves famous and things complicated.

  • so much information. Well done

  • While still very generalize-able, I believe intellect can be divided into 2 sections.

    1 – Street smarts (common sense): People with street smarts tend to be better at dealing with social interaction. They don't quite specialize in any one area, but in general conversation, group settings, and when doing everyday things, "street smart" people fare much better than non-street smart people. They also tend to be more emphatic, obedient and carefree.

    2 – Book smarts (Specializations): Near complete opposites of their street smart counter-parts, those with specialized skills have ease dealing with a single area or subject. I, myself, fall under this category as I have a knack for the sciences. There are other areas of specialization, like linguistics, math, engineering, arts, music and therapeutics (which could technically fall under sciences, but I give it its own category as it takes a special set of skills to be a therapist, be it physical, psychological, or occupational). Book smart individuals are more reserved or quiet, less likely to act on instinct, and more careful.

  • Eugenics will become the go-to when mankind delves into genetic engineering more deeply. As controversial as it is, IQ does correlate purely with genetics. There are smart poor people and there are dumb poor people. "Socioeconomics" is not that big of a factor when IQ is involved.

  • Too little info given about g.

  • OK, but remember in the books, sherlock was a genius AND a gentleman, so yeah, he was really intelligent, but because he worked on it. in the books we can clearly see that he is not a 200 iq human, he's more like a human skilled in every little thing he thought it was important for his job.

  • This is why when people try to relate race and IQ all you can do is just look at them like the idiots they are because there's so many things wrong with what they're saying you don't even know where to begin

  • Are there really different types of intelligence though? Or are there just different applications of intelligence? I mean take a history teacher and a math teacher that both have the same iq they're both using the same type of intelligence ( the ability to learn and adapt/the ability to apply knowledge) they're just applying them to different fields of study.

  • A test that asks about Christmas that can also kill you is actually a very genuine test of intelligence

  • i gotta ask are you following the modules from Exploring Psychology? the videos are in the same order as the modules and cover the same things. very helpful 🙂

  • Gotta love Hank.

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  • OG- factor

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  • Isn't learning everything? I've learned to use my memory, I've learned math , going from stupid af to very good… I get winning streaks in games untill IT GETS BORING , and so on, I think everything can be learned

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  • …did I see Sam Winchester… on the same screen as Sherlock….?

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  • There's no scientific understanding of intelligence yet.

  • Can Hank solve the cube?

  • "In the end it's best to think about intelligence as something about which we still have a lot to learn". Really? Is there a science to which this does not apply? Is this your only contribution and conclusion to the discussion? Would you say the same thing about environmental studies? The jury's out?? We've learned far too much about this subject for you to wave it off this cheaply.

  • YouTube Jordan Peterson. Intelligence tests predict future success more accurately than almost anything else.

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  • Marry me john green ! Together we could create a super intelligent master race !

  • I am a terrible test taker but I am intelligent in a couple areas and nervous to take IQ tests are there more ways than just testing we could test intelligence

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