so this one’s a doozy, probably one of my longest videos to date, but comment below if you make it till the very last experiment!

The Stanford Prison Experiment:

Milgram’s Obedience Study:

John Watson’s LIttle Albert Study:

Harry Harlow’s Monkey Studies:
Manic Monday: Harlow’s Pit of Despair, the Rape Rack and Iron Maidens


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  • E Z R A M I L L E R

  • john….. watson…..

  • we learned about little albert in my psychology class in sophomore year and it literally broke my heart

  • It's funny because I was thinking that the Stanford Prison experiment was interesting and that's the first one you talked about lol.

  • As someone who spent 7 years as a prison officer and has an ASPD, I could tell you what happened in my case if you're interested.

  • They put the monkey in a cage for a year, that doesnt prove their point at all it just shows you cant grow inside a fucking cage and be sane.

  • Please do a video on Genie <3

  • The equipment they use to impregnate dairy cows today is still called a rape rack. Sounds like a similar, and not all that much has changed for animals 🙁

  • "White fluffy things happen to all of us"

  • last year i had to write an essay about the lord of the flies and in it i said that empathy is what holds our society together and that without it, we will fall apart. hearing about these studies just makes me more sure of that, and it makes me happy to know that as long as i have my empathy, i have my humanity. i sort of wish i could be in a study like this where i was the authority figure just to test myself and see if i would still be empathic. of course, i think that i would be but you never really know until it actually happens.

  • the monkey one kills me everytime.

  • I remember a couple of these from The Social Animal. I really need to get my hands on it again to finish it, it's incredibly fascinating,

  • When I clicked on the video I hoped it would include the Standford Prison, the Milgram and the Little Albert experiment because we covered those in school and I kind of wanted to hear someone else's point of view and what other people have to say about it.

  • The stanford prison experiment can also explain the events that took place at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, where us soldiers tortured, humiliated, raped, and dehumanized prisoners, simply because they had the power to do so and no one told them they couldnt

  • Privilege cells were accurate though. My mother worked in a prison and she got upset that the 'good' prisoners could earn a later bedtime and could play with gaming systems. It causes a lot of drama between everyone. Guards look for any reason to bump them out and were extra harsh with them.

  • There are so many sick people doing things for science in this world, who needs to be put away…

  • i just found your account and I'm in love!!!!

  • Amazing… learned a lot!!!

  • you should def make a video on genie wiley!

  • We covered the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment in history class. Many of these experiments took place in the 60s and 70s because that was the time when the Allied started the genocide trials against the Nazi commanders. The people then ultimately started to wonder how it was possible for a whole country's population to willingly partake in the exclusion, ghettoization and, finally, industrial murder of millions of Jews and other minorities. These experiments finally showed that 1930s' Germany had not been a country full or murderous, crazy idiots in the first place, but that the system ultimately made them be the monsters that they were.

  • Oh god the monkey one. I have heard it before, it is so wrong, so wrong. The guy was satan.

  • The Stanford Prison experiment movie sucks to be honest. It's started off well and was interesting but then it just got boring and then really silly. not to mention the awful acting.

  • I would actually be very interested in a female version of the prison experiment

  • You should really read "the Lucifer effect" which is actually written by Phillip Zimbardo. It's a book that details the entirety of the SPE and even touches on the "Teacher" and "Learner" Experiment. And the Abu Ghraib prison camps. I really recommend the book

  • i love your channel too much!

  • 15:23 saying that all Nazis where terrible people is honestly so rude, ill have you know my great grandfather was a Nazi and because he wanted to be one, he had really no choice it was either be a Nazi or a traitor and die.

  • Your second study you talked about brought a book to my mind that I read recently and made me change my entire thinking cycle. It was so interesting. It is called The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, and I would love for you to read it and share your thoughts!

  • You are amazing. Love you and your passion

  • Loved this!! I wouldn't call it controversial in the way that it involved harming others per se…. but I find The Phillip Experiment FAScINATING and I would love to hear your report on it!!

  • The first one sounds like the TV series "60 Days In".

  • The second experiment reminds me of the (real) story of the man who called fast-food places pretending to be a policeman and told the owner to do horrible thing to an employee – just to show how people respond to authority (they made a movie about it, and also a Law&Order SVU episode).

  • I recently began my A-level Psychology course at my College, and I was asked to research the Stanford Prison experiment and The Milgram experiment (along with the bobo doll experiment, and the Skinner Box) and I honestly cannot wait to learn more. This subject is so interesting to me and I am so happy that I chose to do it! You're videos helped me with my research too, so thank you!

  • Wow, you explained it really well.

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