Consciousness – Crash Course Psychology #8

Consciousness – Crash Course Psychology #8

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What exactly is Consciousness? Well… that’s kind of a gray area. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank gives you the basic ideas of what Consciousness is, how our attention works, and why we shouldn’t text and drive… ever… no, really, NEVER!

Table of Contents

Defining Consciousness 00:00:00
Neuroimaging 02:16:01
Dual Processing 03:45:18
Selective Attention 04:22:16
Selective Inattention 05:46:21
Change Blindness 06:12:08

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March 24, 2014 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • his shirt didn't change until the end

  • "We need to build a wall and make the squirrels pay for it"

  • I love the intermission. You guys are great ! Thanks for these lessons

  • please legendas em português

  • literally a few seconds before you said that I may be concentrated on what you're saying and then how I might wander to thinking about how I need to shower…I smelled my armits and thought exactly that.

  • how much longer do we have to tolerate the "losely", would computer science, especially AI and ML help?

  • I'm going to guess that Hank's favorite food is pizza.

  • The Maze!

  • space needed between points…

  • I was eating pizza when he said "wait, do I smell pizza?" I'm SHOOK

  • this help ooen my mind thkx one love ras-spect

  • Nice touch with the portraits

  • i don't have socks on

  • The things on the side table next to Hank have been changing the entire episode and I only noticed when it changed into a light bulb.

  • I actually saw the moonwalking bear!!!

  • you know I really wish I can enjoy and learn from your videos especially since I couldn't find any informative alternatives but goddamn the flashy, over colored and horrible lighting just killed it all. I have eye issues and it got even worse with all this. Also you speak way too fast man like how would a listener be able to comprehend a point when you suddenly hit the Other!!!!

  • This video is not available?

  • Not gonna lie, I high key zoned out for a lot of the video just thinking about the weirdest things that had nothing to do with my life OR this video. I only kept zoning back in when he said the word consciousness, which I noticed was kinda funny and cool. Anyway, for some reason, the one thing I noticed throughout the video is that the objects on the table changed quite a bit. Don't know why that's what I focused on after I zoned out a bunch, but I did. And this random af comment was just a sliver of how my mind works everyday. 😂😂 Anyway, i really love psychology and the psychology crash course series (love crash course in general) and I hope you guys keep up the awesome work on these videos!!!

  • ive been laughing at the moon walking bear for an hour

  • You're the first person to have ever made me feel resentment toward my own tongue. Well done, sir…. Well done..

  • Damn Bernice

  • A hobbit and Star Wars reference. Nice!

  • I can readily believe there's more than one layer to consciousness–for example, there was this one time I was sitting on the couch reading a book and suddenly became aware that I had been "hearing" a song in my head (earworm style) UNDER the words, for a good while. I traced it back to a passage that had reminded me of a lyric from that song, and as I imagined it at the time, it was as if "I was reading on the couch, and the OTHER me got up, put a record on the stereo at low volume, and left the room."

    I've also had dreams where I both experienced and WATCHED the dream as an outsider, so…apparently I'm totally crazy, but at least in an interesting way. 😛

  • While juggling melons you say……………………………………………………………interesting

  • Consciousness is a made up construct that do not determine how we behavior or think.

    Behavior analyst,

  • "…about 50% of people didn't notice the gorilla walking through the room." What percentage of people noticed the little dude on your desk at that moment?

  • BERNICE!!!!!


    favourite moments of the video…..

  • He changes shirts again at the very end

  • 3:553:58 LOL. so cute man.

  • Did he say "my hobbitses"?

  • Now I understand why I didn't notice when my dad put a desk in my room.

  • Something interesting has happened to me since I started living in South Korea. Now, I'm still around English a lot in my day to day at work and in my social life. However when riding a bus or out in public I'm surrounded by Korean. Even when I vacationed it would be to non-English speaking countries. So after 2 years I visited home for the first time and it was my first time in 2 years being in an English speaking country. When I first got off the plane and for several days it became much harder for me to tune out surrounding conversations. My selective attention wasn't as selective as it usually is because I was suddenly surrounded by things I understood. My selective attention was used to shifting whenever I heard English in non-English speaking settings, so once I returned to an English speaking country it messed with me.

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