Community – 1×4 Social Psychology – Group Reaction

Community – 1×4 Social Psychology – Group Reaction

Back with more Community! The Normies react to Season 1 Episode 4 of Community titled Social Psychology. What did you think of this episode? This one felt like it was a classic. Enjoy the reaction and review of Community 1×4!


October 19, 2017 / 26 Comments / by / in
  • When is dean pelton appearing?

  • Keep the Community reaction coming guys.

  • Paint ball episodes > anything else

  • Please do more community! you're my excuse for watching it again!

  • Where the f*** is part 2 of avatar The Last Airbender

  • I’m sooo happy you guys are binging Community! It actually made me start binging too ;D

  • Hope you guys do at least a couple seasons of this. It only gets better each episode. Season 3 is the best

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2×14

  • goddamn it pat why so dreamy

  • S01E20
    S02E08 – Annies Boobs
    S02E16 – Bequeathed
    S03E17 – Law & Order
    S05E03 – Ass Crack Bandit

    They're my faves

  • god shirley is one of my absolute favorite characters in this show

  • Subbed for the Community reactions!

  • Can y'all *please* react to the whole series? The first 12 episodes are the prelude to when it *SERIOUSLY* gets amazing! I'll patreon if you do! Haha.

  • stopping this show before the paintball episode would truly make this the darkest timeline.

  • I'm hooked on Community now

  • i fallin in love with the nerdy girl.i'm serious

  • my favorite is the Dean ..

  • Yes, loving all of these

  • Both Captain America movies that that the Russo Brothers directed (the co creators of Community) have a Community star cameo, Abed in the Winter Soldier and Dean Pelton in Civil War

  • interesting side note, that scene with Chang and Annie in the beginning was removed from the dvd version of the episode.

  • I'll just stand in line behind all those people who want you to react to a full series. Or AT LEAST to the first 3 seasons. You're obviously enjoying it and I'm reliving this amazing series with you. And if you're not for some reason, please, let Chris pick up the most amazing episodes from the rest of the series. I hate how Community was (and still is) overlooked, 'cause in my opinion it's probably the best network TV comedy series since year 2000.

  • Floor is lava!

  • Keep going with these show, please!!! You won't be disappointed you did.

  • Please please please do the whole series, it's been great rewatching these along with you

  • more

  • You guys really need to at least get thru season 2. Season 2 is the best season IMO

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