Color Psychology – Part 1/3

Color Psychology – Part 1/3

Color psychology is a 3 part tutorial that discusses the emotional properties of color in an intuitive fashion. Part 1 discusses pigment primary and secondary colors.


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  • No wonder yellow is my favorite color O.O

  • Bob Ross.

  • Purple was the most difficult to make, and that's why it was used, you're right, but it ties into the "sythetic" feeling. Purple would have been a difficult colour to come by, which would show someones wealth. And only the authority figures (kings, queens) who are also the wealthy, would have access to them.

  • I would love to use this video for my research paper, but in order for my teacher to let me, could I know what sources you used, or how you know this information?

  • Metallica's St.Anger is in the red hah

  • So, we afraid of blood because it's red? cool story bro.

  • why you use Brain wave ?

  • ''Hunger is not an emotion! It's a sensation. Like pain. Pain is not an emotion'' You are in fact wrong, you are thinking very narrow minded to come to this conclusion. Sensation is the byproduct of emotional expression, they are very interconnected and really should not be differentiated. Cause —> Emotion – Sensation <— Effect.
    Color + Emotion is a real concept, test it out your self. Walk into a room of all one color. Feelings & Emotions will differ from each single colored room.

  • My visual comm lect ask me to watch this..

  • Some great points brought up – the ones that got me thinking were the one regarding "purple's rarity and its association with wealth" as well as "emotion vs. sensation". In the context of this study, I would regard sensation and emotion with equal merit, being elements that are influenced by our need to survive and maintain our continued growth- Under normal circumstances I would emphasize that distinction, however in this context I feel they don't conflict with my theories. Tyvm for keeping the conversation moving forward, however, make sure your intelligence shines first, otherwise people will keep flagging your comments as spam…keep it coming!

  • Ahi n8t dont papa

  • It sucks being colour blind. I am unable to see purple

  • green is a primary color, yellow is not

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