Cognition: How Your Mind Can Amaze and Betray You – Crash Course Psychology #15

Cognition: How Your Mind Can Amaze and Betray You – Crash Course Psychology #15

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We used to think that the human brain was a lot like a computer; using logic to figure out complicated problems. It turns out, it’s a lot more complex and, well, weird than that. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses thinking & communication, solving problems, creating problems, and a few ideas about what our brains are doing up there.

Table of Contents

Thinking & Communicating 01:39:16
Solving Problems 03:21:03
Creating Problems 05:46:06

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May 19, 2014 / 47 Comments / by / in
  • whose hand was that to steal the blue fish!

  • Here is a really good video on the phyc. of casino culture

  • This was posted on my birthday

  • This is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY, cognitively overloading!

  • do people who are not able to use a heavy object as a hammer really exist? i can't believe it

  • Hello, can you give me the list of source based on what this episode was prepared ? Scholar works , literature , articles … i could give you my email. thank you in advance .

  • please can you a video on ADHD/ADD? (with may be a splash of sensory processing problems and some of the other offshoot or other problems associated with ADD/ADHD)

  • where's my fish?!?

  • This seg shows my fave topic.

  • Man this guy is srsly unlikable.

  • The little video game version of Hank getting excited over finding the Sriacha was absolutely adorable. I live for the Crash Course animations. They're so cute! <3

  • Who else is cramming the night before the AP test?

  • Our brains are amazing! I of course believe we were made by God. There's no other way. He created science. Jesus rocks! 😃

  • My fish! 🐡

  • prototypes: aka SCHEMAS

  • He said: haters gonna hate. HAHAHA love this!

  • 6:48 like evolutionists.

  • too cartoonish for a serious topic.

  • 8:30 THANK YOU!!!

  • Dude, is "Prototype" the same as schema theory???????

  • This reminds me of yesterday, I wanted to find a place and my landmark was a huge church. So while I was driving in the vicinity, I saw a church looming in the distance, and I tried to give it a try. I was SURE that I was in the right place, because I got confused due to the place being similar to the one I remembered, especially because of the particular way the pavement was. I walked around in hoping to find the place, but turns out I was very wrong.

  • There are only two genders.
    Liberals block if you say this.

  • but incorrect stubborn intuition isn't unique to humans either. take alex the parrot, he decided to call an apple "banerry" because he thought it looked like a cherry and tasted like a banana, two fruits he already knew. he refused to call it an apple and even became angry when ppl tried to tell him it was an apple. also, he used the methods pepperberg used to train him and attempted to teach her what a "banerry" was.

  • why  you are so hyper  excited? just talk,  first time you heard a bout the subject?

  • I love all these videos on psychology. They make me feel like a psychologist 🤓

  • Boring

  • i really think man of steel is great though

  • 6:05 .. is that Nye v. Ham

  • Survival is inversly proportionate to intelligence.

  • for those who are interested in mind biases check thinking fast and slow , its one of the best books about this subject

  • Some say Hank is still looking for his fish to this day…

  • U lost the fish on episodes 13

  • I was a little confused why he spoke of Descartes saying, "cogito ergo sum," (I think, therefore I am). I was under the impression that the famous saying was related to the argument for ones' existence.

  • "Where's my fish??" I was waiting for him to notice lol mysterious hand took it

  • nice

  • I have a question. What's up with those last two frames that flash red in the video? That peaked my curiosity. Anyone that wanna share please do so.
    P.S.: I used a frame by frame viewer on my mobile phone, I looked for it on google.

  • India mein bindi hata angrejo, bhednchod rahe hai yahaa ki aurataaa mard kaaa

  • Subscribed.
    When some people hear the word bird, the concept that comes to mind is a kilo of cocaine not a song bird…..I'm just saying.

    Love the blue angler fish Mario suit.

  • Why did the screen flash red twice near the end? (10:0710:09)

  • Purple star!

  • 2:55 SLOTH OWL

  • THE CREEPY HAND REMOVING THE ANGUlar stuffed blue fish is so dang creepy

  • 2:53 I'm pretty sure I filed that into the birdfoot (birdsquatch) category

  • who tf thinks the earth is flat?

  • i perceive an annoy noise

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