Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Interview

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Interview

What is Graduate school like for Clinical Psychology? We talk to my friend Adam Santiago about his experience and insights as a Master’s Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology. If your thinking about becoming a Marriage & Family Therapist or a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this should be helpful.


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  • Hey 🙂
    Great video.. Can you please do one with an international student also if possible? Bcz I'm from India & it would help a lot to know the experience and any extra tips regarding admission procedure n other stuff for the international students.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Great video! I'm currently preparing for my phd grad school interview in Clinical Psych and stumbled upon this video. This was really interesting to watch and there was great advice given. So true about people asking you to guess what they are thinking about haha. Thank you!

  • thanks for this

  • It is clear that this person has no clue and is using the terms interchangeably and the title is misleading. Please check your facts when trying to describe the differences between lmft, lpcc (lpc, lcpc, lmhc), lcsw, which all require a MS and residency hours specific to the actual state. As far as obtaining a phd in clinical psychology, it prepare you for a career as a licensed psychologists, which is not equivalent to lpcc, lmft, lcsw. FYI, California is not paving the way for mft (licensed marriage and family therapist). The credential and license is nationwide. I would say if this credential is new to California, then you're behind the rest of the country.

  • Your great in speaking English ,loved this video

  • Hi all the way from South Africa! What questions can I expect during the MA psych interview?

  • I messed up during my panel interview! I got nervous😰

  • hello I have done my engineering in computer science n I am a biology background student so is it possible for me to take up clinical psychology as my masters??

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