Christian Sheep Psychology & Black Men

Christian Sheep Psychology & Black Men

This is a breakdown and analysis of a religious control mechanism called Sheep Psychology. This video also breaks down African American male response to Sheep Psychology.


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  • Scary song to end a brilliant video.

  • This guy said alot in a few minutes I remember when I went to church when I spoke against what was being taught I was told im doing the work of Satan F@#k church im my own person

  • I agree with everything he's saying about the idealization of sheeplike behavior amongst black Christians.  This has been, and remains, a major stumbling block in the intellectual development of African-Americans.  Somehow, I suspect the demand by black pastors for the assent of the congregation ( "Can I get an amen!" or the demand that the congregation repeat certain phrases) during church sermons is a remnant from the days of slavery when we were being groomed to accept Massa's religion.  Probably started by the Massa himself, and then handed over to an eager Uncle Tom, groomed to wield the only scrap of authority and power he would ever have in his life.

  • I love the point he made about male to female ratio.  Why do you think that with all gay bashing in Christianity that they still have large pockets of gay men in the Black church?  The pastor doesn't like competition. 

  • Black people have no knowledge of self. Blacks have forgotten who they are

  • i loved this video, thank you Mr. Hart

  • Tell the whole truth people the church is a lie used to brainwash people . .do a simple research overlay religion over geography and you'll see that all religions are mans way of brainwashing and controlling people not gonna get into it go own research .
    I believe there's creator .
    I know for a fact all religions every single one is a lie

  • I liked your video. If you believe that Age of REASON is brewing, then you should check out my channel. I have teamed up with the Godless Engineer and The Prototype Atheist to create REASON, Religiously Educated Atheists, Secularists, and Other Non-Theists, also known as The Secular Round Table. We have a weekly livestream every Sunday at 9pm eastern, a biweekly podcast, a weekly newsletter, a brand new website, and tshirts. If you get the time, please check us out. You should also consider attending our live stream or podcast as a guest. We like to get different perspectives on our show and network with new people.

  • Look at the HUMANS that are running around like sheep with no Shepard, whether they are affiliated with a church or not…Man was created to communicate with his Maker and when he does not do this he begins reaching for something higher than himself for answers. It is when HUMANS don't know God and therefore don't know what it means to be His image and likeness that they get entangled with false  identities. Cant nobody or nothing change the truth about true manhood to the brother that stays in-tuned to his Maker..In Peace

  • No Masters!

  • "More people, especially those in the Black Community, need to see this video!"

  • Jesus identified Himself by many names, Emmanuel – God with us- Shepherd – leader of the flock, Alpha and Omega – beginning and the end, Son of God, Son of Man, Messiah, Chief Cornerstone,  The Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, etc…  If Shepherd was highlighted by many in the churches excessively, it created a distortion of His nature which is divine.  Some people/churches operate out of ignorance and others in position of power out of power.  When there is an imbalance, then the people need to leave that church.  If the black community is afflicted with these unscripturely ignorant leaders, it's because they are ignorant themselves.  They need to study and not be led away with a ring on their noses as it were.  God is not the author of confusion or manipulation and neither is scripture.  Ignorant men and women are.

  • OK that was a lot of hate and ignorance being vomited up there all at once, so lets address this little by little as I view the video. Kind of like bullet points. 

    -OK you mention the primary structure of churches; well according to Answers in Genesis (side note I can't believe I'm going to them for answers about anything) it is to first and for most to accept and teach the word of God and Jesus. (I would argue that in this modern world it is to make bucket loads of tax free money.) And I do hope you realize there are a plethora of religions out there that have nothing to do with Jesus, so if your problem is that a few people in the New Testament mentioned him as a shepherd then find a new faith to follow. To further note the Ancient Hebrew word that got translated into shepherd means three things 1: to pasture, tend, graze, feed 2: to associate with, be a friend of 3: to be a special friend. (side note the tend part of the first definition could mean to look after and take care of and the feed part could mean to feed knowledge to not necessarily food)

    -Yes the evil under-shepherds taken to mean any of the above definitions depending on the context that preceded and followed it

    -I like how you assume that people who have dedicated their lives to faith and the spreading of faith can't get work anywhere else. Becoming a man of the clergy takes time and education just like anything else. And some clergy men/women still hold jobs outside of church.

    -NOT A LITERAL SHEEP! (side not ones I.Q. has nothing to do with faith you could be as dumb as a brick or the next Stephen Hawking and still have faith)

    -AH and now comes the quote mining. (to give only one quote and no context to fulfill ones own agenda) Had you bothered to read Isaiah 52 and 53 you would know that these passages are referring to how everyone turned their backs on Jesus while the Romans drug him off like a sheep to the slaughter and still he said nothing. Jesus was silent like a sheep to the sheers. Basically he wouldn't rat out his people to the Romans for fear the Romans would kill them too.

    -You go onto to spout nonsense about why there are no black mean in church. However according to the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey conducted in by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, Black Americans “are markedly more religious than the U.S. population as a whole.” It cited that 87% of Blacks are affiliated with a religion. It also found that 79 % of Blacks say that religion is “very important in their life”.

    -Then you proceed to spout excrement about churches keeping males out because that's how a real sheep farm works (see point four about the whole sheep thing) However according to the above study they only found about a 7% difference between black men and black women who attend church weekly. 23% of all black women interviewed said they attend church weekly and 16% for black men. But 40% of black men said almost never or never compared to 26% for black women.

    – You heard it here people clergy men need more women for the products they produce for selling. Are you saying Clergy men are all pimps? What about Clergy women are they all gay then?

    -Oh I see your saying women are slaves to their sex drives and therefore we must keep men away or the church will turn into an orgy. (side note my kinda church)

    -He done said it now. Apparently if you are a male in church you either have no nuts (literally) or you are gay.

    -Black men at their lowest have never been sheep in anyway? Might I remind you that it was African slave owners that sold the black man to the British/American settlers as slaves.

    -Time for the final point you say that black men are aggressive and dominant in nature both physically and mental. Sure this may or may not be true but it has nothing to do with the contributing factors of why some (13% according to above mentioned study) black men are into churches; examples of which are social status, gang interference, media perception of what a "real" black man is, ignorance, incarceration, etc the list can go on. 

    – You sir are arrogant, ignorant, pig headed, and a hate monger of religion and the good it can be capable of. (if not for the religious zealots and extremist who keep messing it up)

  • All I know is that I feel more comfortable study the bible for myself and not live according to men or women teaching. Accept Jesus in my life and live by his commandment. Churches today are all competition and making money. No one seem to care for the poor, the needs of people and soul winning. So I do my best by helping other and telling them about Jesus. This all Christ ask of us. These people make it seem like you have to do more then that, but i totally disagree.

  • african descendats are sheep made and mental slave made people because they reject what they are supposed to be mentally and spiritually by clinging to their masters' religion, ideology, language, name,…..

  • What people don't know is the made up name Jesus means dues the Greek Roman pagan mighty or so called God the real name was replaced!!!!

  • Very intriguing…

  • Acts 2:38 is still God's plan of salvation. One way for all people.

  • Excellent breakdown spot on! keep up the good analysis

  • True story

  • To add on to what has been said,  who the hell want to be a black male man up in church talking about how he love another  "made up" male man who supposedly died on the cross? That's bout as gay as it get and I have always found that quite disturbing.And these Black women talking about they want a strong man who is "God fearing" and "love Jesus"…so they are really saying they want a gay man who walks around in fear and don't have balls..smh…black folk some really sick people ;-(

  • Christianity is not sanctioned by God, which is why is has been a miserable failure in the black community because it is operating outside of the will of God by not keeping his laws.   God's people are the Israelites, and he is waking them up to fulfill the prophecies concering his chosen people. Christianity is a false religion, and God will destroy it so that his chosen people can rise. The gay agenda will be one of the tools used to dis-credit christianity.

  • god was responsible for almost 3 million deaths in the bible, satan was only responsible for 7, job and his family.

  • Collective Mind Fuck

  • This was really deep and well analysed. bless brother

  • dude that was a prophesy of the coming of Jesus The Christ

  • All religions are bullshit…

  • very very interesting good food for thought! food get it!!! you make some valid points I could go on all day bout this

  • Isaiah 53:7 refers to Jesus, who historically lay down his life and is the only man who rose from the grave, every historian states this. Some churches have gone astray, but if Jesus truly rose from the dead, he shall return. He shall judge the Church first. But what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17.

    I am a black man who has been strengthened by the Bible. Your argument is flawed with respect brother, as God said to his people, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    Sheep easily go astray, but some follow faithfully, But God made us human beings brother? What do you mean the leadership does not want a lot of men in the Church where do you get this information from? Where is the biblical text to back your comments? Or even quotes from these so called leaders.

    On a different note brother, I want you to know Africans have always known the God of the Bible , look how the Ethiopian eunuch, a court official of Candace, Queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure. He had come to Jerusalem to worship and was returning, seated in his chariot, and he was reading the book of Isaiah.

    That is an Old Testament book brother in the hands of an (African man), who served an African Queen! Acts 8:26. We should be well read and listen to God rather than people. Our history is included in the pages of the Bible.

    North (African) Christians defied the Roman Emperor Decian in AD28, when the whole known world feared them. Christianity is related to historical Judaism and not a batch of pagan religions, the Bible remain the only book we clearly see prophecy predicted and fulfilled, no other book in the world has that.

    If Christian Ethiopians, mentioned by Haile Selassie, who was a Christian himself – Acts 8:26-40 were actively worshiping the historical Jesus, this shows there was a direct link from the North Africans Christians to his day and then ours. Plus there remained millions of black people who were largely unaffected by slavery who were Christians.

    Lastly, thousands of years before Transatlantic slavery, Africans dedicated their lives to the only man who physically and historically rose from the dead. And the only man who promised to return and has the power to do so.

    I wish they would have taught me that in school, that alone would have inspired me. Not sure of your assignment beloved, but Christ Jesus the only way, which man was anything like him?

  • They use religion to keep everyone separated and against each other, the truth is if we drop religion and come together as a whole who knows what we can do that's a lot of power, don't get me wrong I do believe in a higher source/creator but people gotta let go that brainwashing stay out of these churches stop giving your hard earn money away, I mean just think about it if you was healed well why are you still hurting, and if you're saved why are you still here.Wake up people!!!!😴😪😱

  • Let me know when Jesus returns

  • meek heart, read "The Origin of Christianity" by Dr. Walter Williams. Read that one to start, then we can converse further.

  • Meek Heart, you must remember, God is a concept. Do you know there were more than 2700 Gods? But, the God of Israel is the right one? Let's critically think about that.

  • Brother, you making no sense. God revealed itself to you?

  • The cultures who believed in those gods, heard from those gods.

  • Yes, it revealed itself to the Jews. Why? Because it is the God of Israel.

  • Why do you think the bible is historical? Brother, research the time line of the Bible. The truth will set you free.

  • Also, there were many gods who claimed they made heaven and earth…do your research.

  • Jesus teaches us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  Being Sheep retains a mentality which is calm and God knows if we remained calm in times of difficulty we'd make better decisions. I have proven the goodness and faithfulness of GOD and yes many men are in church are kinda weird but that is because they submitted to women in an unhealthy way. The men who don't bother with church are doing their own thing and that's their business. Time will reveal who made the right decision.

  • I like this, Black people waking up.


  • Castrated gay males??? People will do and say anything to continue to divide the Black community. Those Gay males you speak of are some of the most resilient men that you could ever hope to be… You cannot preach against religion and attack one's sexuality. I''m sure religion is to blame for your way of thinking… God isn't concerned about one's sexuality, he's concerned about your heart. This is simply hate speech against your own kind. No solution based whatsoever #YoushouldBeAshamed

  • Very informative and great video. a. good reason why i don't go to church!

  • How come, I as a woman don't believe in going to church, but my husband goes and drags me there!

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