Child Psychology : How to Discipline a Screaming Child

Child Psychology : How to Discipline a Screaming Child

A screaming child indicates distress and disorganization. Help your child calm and reorganize with the assistance of a licensed psychologist in this free video.

Expert: Dr. Craig Childress
Bio: Dr. Craig Childress is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of ADHD and angry-oppositional relationship disorders of childhood.
Filmmaker: Max Cusimano

Series Description: Raising children can be a confusing project at times. Improve communication with your child and resolve common issues with the assistance of a licensed psychologist in this free video series.


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  • Just a great video series: Joseph. Child Psychotherapist and Behavioural Therapist (ABA) UK living in Mauritius

  • I would like to know; what do you mean by drama or disorganization? Thank You for posting these videos.

  • i do believe drama is when u know the kid is faking it to get something and this happens sometimes, but disorganisation, the kid is obviously in distress and this kid doesnt know how to express it but scream, which would occur often and parents get confused why.

  • thank you for your video parent in distress need help badly with my 13 year old always in a yelling contest ,, don't want to be a bad parent ,, thanks again

  • thank u sir. wonderful. u advise to follow the intuitions of child and follow positively to the maximu,extent possible and not nothing impossible.

  • This guy is awesome!

  • Yad

    Wow…This guy has a really good point. When I have kids, I'll definitely keep this in mind. I want to be the best father I can be someday.

  • i was raised by when i act bad especially in public, my parents didn't play that b.s i got my ass spanked. i immediately stopped acting stupid. i hate to bring race in this but white parents i saw allowed their kids to scream and act loud in public and didn't even attempted to discipline them bad ass kids. I guess that's the difference between blacks and whites when it comes to dealing with disorderly kids.

  • shit I wish my dad was him but nope… I was thrown across the house and beat to numb when I got an attitude…. life sucks for him no lol

  • Your advice has been most helpful out of everything I've ever researched! Every video makes sense. Thank you for sharing these strategies!

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