CERT Training – “Disaster Psychology”

CERT Training – “Disaster Psychology”

United States Fire Academy

CERT Training – “Disaster Psychology”

Air date: March 15, 2006.

This program will help CERT members prepare for and deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of assisting disaster victims, and to be more effective during and after disaster.


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  • CERT is a good good thing!!

  • Im part of C.E.R.T its a good program….keep up the good work guys

  • I'm taking CERT training right now in Naperville, Il. God Bless all and stay safe!

  • In with CERT In L.A. Ca….Where did you get a green and yellow light ?

  • i'm taking cert now in lakewood, ca. LOVE IT!!!

  • How did they load a 43 minute video?

  • found a video that's over an hour and ten. it's an original movie..

    and interesting video

  • @ispankmydaughter77

    but cert teams are not there to DETAIN POWER BUT to be there to assist and help your neighbors in time of disasters CERT TEAMS ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS.

  • I'm part of the RACES and Medical Reserve corp and recently I'm trying out with cert and its interesting though most stuff they go through is common sense

  • I took my CERT course last year and loved it. I also took their "Self Care/Buddy Care" course. I'm considering training with my county's Medical Reserve Corps too.

  • it won't. there are some with different disabilities that overcome. it's all about mindset.

  • Everyone can do something. That is why a disability will not prevent you from having CERT training. You do what you can to help others.

  • I have taken the CERT training, if you live in a community like a HOA you should take the advantage of the local community that gives this training free.

  • best thing you can do right now. learn all you can & constantly study.

  • Awesome ! Thank you for sharing. I have my final exam this Saturday.

  • Dustin, find out if the local CERT group has a radio operations group for emergency communications. Also, local amateur radio groups have similar teams, RACES or ARES. Go on the ARRL website and look into amateur radio.

  • GW
    Very informative

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