Cat Behavior and Psychology DR MW Fox

Cat Behavior and Psychology DR MW Fox

A narrated slide show that explores feline communication and body language, behavior, play, socialization, and looks at various emotional and behavioral problems along with their prevention and treatment.


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  • I have 4 ferals. 2 of them enjoy sleeping on my lap.

  • While the gentleman has clinical experience, I think he is too clinical, and doesn't have the feeling for a cat's psychology and psyche that he might have, being blessed by lifetimes of interaction with these magnificent creatures. For instance, please take care when holding a cat by the scruff of it's neck, especially aged or heavier individuals. Mother cats carry their very young and lightweight kittens in such a way, but it's not necessarily appropriate for adults, and you'll initiate avoidance behavior thereby. Rather, support it from beneath and make it feel secure. If you've conditioned your cat already this will not be a problem. If not, a firm clamp (such as those found in modern offices) will simulate mother's 'soft mouth' hold and immobilize kitty as when it was tiny. You can then carry the animal in a supportive, secure manner without difficulty. Also, when a cat presents it's rear end to a person, it's more than 'reverse smiling' at you, it is issuing a great compliment, inviting your inspection, which is done for those he has great respect and liking for. A cat 'squinting' at you isn't just displaying relaxation in your presence, but is how he smiles at you. Smiling in this way at a cat who is new to you sends a strong message of friendliness, and helps to initiate a new relationship. But as for one commenter's assertion that a cat will give you your space in a considerate manner, I find a cat who has a close and loving relationship with you has little worry about your personal space, and feels quite free to invade it as though you actually belong to it.. which is quite true! Sometimes I've seen a cat get so carried away with liking a person that amid a frenzy of rubbing it's chin, face, and sides all over in a delirium of joyful reunification, that it has turned around and further 'marked' it's human by spraying on him or her. While humans don't particularly like to be anointed with urine, it is a high compliment from your cat, indicating to others that you are 'property' of the cat. Other, more appealing aspects of Felis Catus behavior I find endearing is that they really aren't all that graceful and independent.. rather they can be clumsy, silly goofballs at times, especially when they are at ease in your presence. Neither are they embarrassed by an un-graceful moment around their people, but frequently will look to see if it's you've noticed, and if so, will take the opportunity to approach you and monopolize even more of your attention. Cats usually learn to love our gentle and perceptive attention, especially when WE learn to be gentle with them and put them down when they want to get off our laps or out of our embrace. Do not allow a cat to jump down from you however, gently put the cat on the floor at your feet. If you've learned to anticipate when kitty will want to be released, and put it down a moment before it signals this, you will find the cat frequently will stand at your feet, where you've placed it, with a typical vacant (and endearing) expression. In addition, the will lose it's aversion to being picked up if you can read it's desires and give back it's freedom of movement readily. In fact, you'll find your little companion will become even closer and more companionable to you. Cats are the most loving, endearing, goofy, talkative (if talked to) entertaining, and even protective little friends we can have padding around our homes and keeping us company, if we respect and care for them the way they require. No house is a home without the presence of Felis Catus.

  • Thanks lol this was actually quite a good video!

  • this is so interesting. really really great doc.!

  • Teaching my cat to use the toilet

  • A cat's brain is very similar to a human's brain, maybe that's why they are so difficult to train.Just like humans, they just do what they want!

  • great documentary! I learnt quite a lot

  • Great video. Very informative.

  • Most animals will try to communicate, but most humans will ignore all attempts and then wonder why they are not friendly. Even dangerous carnivores can be reasoned with.

  • Cats are loving and friendly. They're my favorite pet because I like that they're independent

  • I kinda of believe some of the things he said but if you want to know how your cat is kinda of acting watch the tail it tells you what mood they are in. also cats love to sit on their owners lap and follow them around. cats show love and affection as much as a dog and some cats act a lot like dogs to their owners. If you want to know more about A DOMESTIC HOUSE CAT just ask a person that has cats and are close to them not someone like Dr. MW Fox and yes they do roll over like a dog onto their stomach to be petted. House Cats Are Loving Kind And Protect Their Human Family.They are not evil or mean or scary.

  • Plenty of information in this old style documentary.
    Thank you very much!

  • If someone don't like cats i get suspicious of them.I mean who won't like a cat?If they are allergic its ok .

  • horses also doing flehmen

  • – tails up !  great clip and info !

  • The best ever cat video. Bravo!!

  • I so miss my big Ragdoll 😑

  • good documentary… its hard to faind so good info on cats all the time you just get propaganda bullshit from small mainds… this dude know what he is talking about

  • what can I search to find more documentaries of this style?

  • Ahhhh….. so that's what Stewie sounds like as an adult. Interesting…

  • trully awesome video. so much to learn for a person that does not know much about cats. just as [H]ouse MD said, no bullshit, just great great info

  • "Reverse smile" killed me

  • Ahh… I remember the 17 years of cat heaven I had, how he'd piss on my brother's coat, that made me smile, cats are better than people.

  • Noticed he didn't mention that when a cat licks its shoulder that means I'm cool, I meant that, it's OK, and reset. Also when a cat licks it's chops in a novel encounter, it's scared.

  • Use only distilled water especially male cats , they will not get crystals in their urine . We have been doing this over 30 years and have had all male cats not one has had the problem! Barry

  • great vid thanks a bunch

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