Carol Dweck ‘Mindset – the new psychology of success’ at Happiness & Its Causes 2013

Carol Dweck ‘Mindset – the new psychology of success’ at Happiness & Its Causes 2013

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– What do we mean by success and failure?
– How do fixed and growth mindsets affect our happiness and fulfilment in life?
– Can praising our children actually be harmful?
– How can we learn to reach our full potential?

Professor Carol Dweck, leading researcher in the field of motivation; Professor of Psychology, Stanford University, USA; author: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


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  • May we have permission to download this video and caption it for one of our courses? Tom Peters Santa Monica College 310-434-8706 thanks

  • ach du scheiße korrigier mal deinen sprachfehler

  • Watch at +1.5x speed and it actually sounds normal. 

    Tremendous talk, btw. 

  • Very nice, to the point and informative–Best wishes

  • The dislikes on this video are people with a fixed mindset -.-

  • Crazy old lady and i love her…that was my first impression after 3 seconds

  • A better image of something like schooling systems would of been a better display of 'zapping kids motivation to learn' Using the photo of the smoking kid may be a little outdated now we are in the 21st century. Shame some still have such 'fixed mind set' as you quite rightly suggest.

  • even that i couldnt understand the whol conferance but as an artist this vid helpned me a lot specily to start changing my mindset and how i can acheive my goals through my experience manner 🙂 Thank u Carol 

  • How about language learning? Some people think fast and poorly is the best way of language learning engagement. How would this relate to that idea?

  • Damn, she must be really engaged with a lot of medication. I gotta get engaged.

  • US

    When you go to school and you measure their mindset then work on changing them, which kind of lectures, matter do you start with. Can you please tell about them?

  • You notice they never showed any actual numbers for the middle east experiment. There's a reason for that.

  • Very Powerful.

  • For those who are like me and new to Carol Dweck and her Mindset book and discussions this video can be saved for later. This discussion is mostly about research done on children. If your'e an adult and want to learn how to apply Growth Mindset to your life, I'd suggest another video. I will be checking out the other Carol Dweck videos next.

  • Constant improvement means always investigating and moving forwards. When you're full of inquisitiveness there's no room for self doubt and unhappiness. Great video many thanks!

  • wo yés, very good.

  • repeated and memorized speech

  • You cannot think about growth mindset on a hungry stomach?

  • "infantantly curious" lol

  • q

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