Careers in Psychology : What Is It Like to Be a Psychologist?

Careers in Psychology : What Is It Like to Be a Psychologist?

A psychologist is somebody who studies human behavior to try to help people, and psychologists usually take part in a variety of jobs. Find out how psychologists look for ways to help people engage in healthy behavior with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology.

Expert: John Bosworth
Bio: John Bosworth is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain and stress management.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  • thanks!

  • Awesome thanks

  • How did you become a Counseling Psychologist at 17 please? im 15 and wanting to be a Psychologist in the NHS and looking for a good route to take.


  • This video is really helpful.

    Can anyone tell me what the difference between a clinical and counseling psychologist is?

  • Hey all, I am an undergraduate Psychology student. To become a chartered psychologist in the UK, it usually takes 6 years after college. You must complete an undergraduate psychology degree which takes 3 years. I advise you take up voluntary work in psychology during this time as many postgraduate courses request it. After the completion of your degree, you will need a 2.1, at which you can go on to do a postgraduate degree of your choice which usually takes 3 additional years.

    Hope I helped

  • This is cool information but it takes yearss and many hours of externsehip in ordeer to become a psychologist but one thing I can say is that it pays off once you are licensed more like 220k yrly in privite practice.

  • This video is horrible. Psychology, as a whole, is NOT primarily dedicated to improving the lives of people–the general aim of psychology is to study behavior and mental processes. Sure, the end goal of this pursuit -can be- to help people, but it may also be simply to understand behavior/mental processes better for the sake of understanding or applying it to a non-clinical settings (i.e., the workplace, schools). To assume that all psychology is like clinical psychology is untrue.

  • its your job

  • is frasier crane one of these guys

  • @yuriynyr
    I wouldn't say that Psychology has many subspecialties but subfields. Such as Clinical, Forensic, health, hospital, community, social and many others. And every subfield have also subfields. Behavioral Psychology is not a subspecialty but a school of Psychology which is one of the theories used to study men, it's one of the ways of understanding menkind and its behaviors. Psychoanalyse (from Freud), Analytical Psychology (from Jung) are other examples of school of Psychology.

  • @yuriynyr (continuing)
    If you are thinking about becoming a Psychologist i would highly recommend you to subject yourself to psychotherapy, because it is a very hard course which you'll come across different types of human conflicts, pain, suf and you'll learn many types of diseases an at some point you'll start to think you have a different one every week.. he he.. I've been there, believe me, and all my friends from university too. (to be continued he he).

  • @yuriynyr (continuing 2)
    SO psychotherapy will help you overcome all of this, it will help you with own problems and if you intend to be a clinical psychologist, it will give you an idea what to do with your own pacient.
    I hope my long comments ( I know I know) helped clarify some things.

  • @B0XofAWES0ME
    the one from the TV series? I think he was a Psychiatrist.

  • @pvpfiish silly person in 2 yrs time u cant even complete an undergrad degree let alone be liscenced.

  • can u get into psychology without having to do a undergraduate degree in it if you already have a degree in something unrelated like history?

  • psychiatrist

  • he says he is talking about clinical psychology… he's not talking about psychology as a whole. douche

  • Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It is like… Psychology is the main thing.. but as you go further into your studies, you will take a path into one of it's subsections, such as Clinical Psychology – which is dealings in counselling and psychotherapy.
    I guess you could say Psychology is the tree… and then you have all the branches… forensic psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, marketing and advertisement/business psychology etc

  • I want to be a physiatrist when I'm older, I am about to enter year 10, and I am 15 years old, I plan on quoting my part time Job at a local pizza store so I can spend more time studying to get into university to study psychology.

  • Edit: Reinstated.
    "Psychologist help people." Psychologist are professionals; everyone else that are not pros are amateurs. It's okay to have opinions but misusing knowledge to cause slander is not okay. That's why it's better to say it's your opinion than to ruin or sully knowledge and facts under the pretense of theory. Ethics (correct use and actions) for knowledge. A respect for what you do and the arena in which you belong to.

  • im still in high school but i know that i want to be a psychologist and would like to know if anyone had any tips

  • wow…nervous much lol….did good but not a public kind of guy lol.

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  • Hey! can we become an industrial psychologist with a clinical psychology degree?

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