Careers in Psychology : Psychology Careers With a Bachelor’s Degree

Careers in Psychology : Psychology Careers With a Bachelor’s Degree

If a person has a bachelor’s degree, their options in the field of psychology are usually pretty limited. Discover how people with bachelor’s degrees can work as mental health technicians with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology.

Expert: John Bosworth
Bio: John Bosworth is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain and stress management.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  • @Anthonyschok

    I imagine the guy is telling us what he believes are truths. I will take that any day over someone softening the matter, only for me to hit a brick wall of realization later.

  • @anthonyshock But I agree with him though. A Bachelor's degree in any Health Sciences or Arts really won't get you anywhere. You have to at least do a Master's to get a high paying job.

  • I agree with Velocity 246.
    But if you do love your job, it doesn't really matter if you get a high/low paid job. off course it's always nice to have a big salary but I think with 20.000-22.000 a year is enough if you like what you're doing.

  • i want to study psychology out of my infinite interest of the human mind. im 18 and goin to college this fall. what careers are availabe to me if i want to do something along the lines of sports psycholgy or criminal psycholgy..and what is a psy D.

  • this guy speaks the hard truth

  • so i should go for masters??? PHD???

  • I am getting a Masters in Psychology. I have started a career coaching business but have not had much luck. I am not going to get a licensure and I am stopping at the Masters level.I volunteered as a crisis counselor over the phone. I would love to either some type of coaching or counseling over the phone. Utlimately I want to teach online courses but I need some pratical experience. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • @anthonyshock well, hes probably right. Unless you get at least a Masters degree there really are no jobs in the field. Mental Heath tech jobs dont even require a degree either. Metal Health tech dont even do anything but babysit people and help restrain patients and they make barely over minimum wage. but Thats not to say a Psychology degree is usless. You can still go and do what all of the other BA degree holders do and get into Marketing, Public Realtions, Sales etc. and make good money

  • I choose BS psychology as my collage course, but do I need to take master degree to have a better work?

    and which one is better BS or AB/BA psychology?

  • I got an A.A. in psychology and luckily I will soon be switching it to something else. There practically are no careers that hire for a bachelor's in psych.

  • lol you can be a psychiatric technician, helps if you want to be a psychologist

  • You can be a substance abuse counselor at The B.A level.

  • did you do a psychology degree?

  • What a negative piece of life he is. Do not take his advice to heart if you really want to study Psyche, Work hard and keep going and you can achieve your dream.

  • Depending on your state, you can also work with developmentally delayed youth and/or adults. Personally, I've taken part in this career and found it very rewarding.

  • My mom has a Bachelors in Psychology, and she has struggled at times to find a job. She loved studying psychology, though, and I think she does really enjoy the job she finally landed. Theres nothing wrong with being realistic. It will be a struggle for you. But if you love it…who cares?

  • Tbf everything is a struggle in terms of graduate jobs and if it's something you are passionate about, don't give up! I think I would definitely do my masters in psychology however.

  • I agree with the video except when you said "Most people that go into pyschology besides all the good looking girls in the class tend to go onto grad school"…. that is a horrible statement.

  • "besides all the good looking girls in the class"……………… yes because a licensed psychologist still holds negative stereotypes, maybe you should've majored in social psych.

  • You can't do crap with a bachelor's in psych .You'll need a Master's degree to become licensed and be able to get a job as a psychologist.Starting pay with a Master's degree in Florida is only about 40k a year.Many of the internships are unpaid and the market is saturated with psych grads.

  • you can do alot with a bachelor in psychology, but the work may not be psychology related

  • Well, lost me with the sexist comment right out of the gate. What an unnecessarily misogynistic statement…. Wow, dude!

  • Thank you for the video.

  • This dude sounds like a douche bag

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