Careers in Psychology, Counseling & Social Work (Part 01 of 07)

Careers in Psychology, Counseling & Social Work (Part 01 of 07)

Are you thinking about a career in psychology, social work, or counseling? Would you like to know more about the differences between the areas? Join us for an opportunity to meet professionals in these fields, learn if one of these is the career for you, and make sure you are on the right path. Part of UC San Diego’s Career Discovery Week. Presented by the Career Services Center.

Original panel date: Monday 1/24 | 2-3:30PM | Horizon Room


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  • Just finished the 7 part series–this was a truly excellent panel. I am a baby boomer considering a career change to my original passion; ths was a realistic, information rich series–well worth the time. Many tnanks!

  • tht guy in the middle needs to stop moving so much geeah

  • Thank you so much for posting! I am in the stage of researching universities for social work programs and I am just so excited to go back to school.

  • He's nervous. I can tell by all the touching and fidgeting because I do that sometimes lmao.

  • He's making me fidget just watching him. lol

  • Thanks for this video as I am pursuing a MSW program but can relate to all the panel being that I started off an art major (wanted to be an art therapist initially) and then was told to go for MSW instead of PhD in Psychology b/c of what the guy said sitting on the end…

  • Addressing both the men first. What year is this again? Still no excuse for 2011.


    being a slave to insurance companies, drug companies and shitty community-based clinics is NOT a profession!!!

    not one that counts, at least.

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