Careers in Psychology : Average Income of Psychologists

Careers in Psychology : Average Income of Psychologists

The average income of a psychologist is largely dependent on the type of work they do and the setting, but in general, psychologists can expect to make between $45,000 and $80,000 a year. Find out how longevity can affect a psychologist’s salary with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology.

Expert: John Bosworth
Bio: John Bosworth is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain and stress management.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  • Some people think it's an issue that we charge money and say that we should just care for our clients. David Wallin may have said it best, "you're paying me for my expertise, time, and education, the caring is free."

  • you know what,bitch,how about you try to become a psychologist and have a taste of it yourself,you should be ashamed of yourself,a psychologist dedicates his life to helping people who need him and this is what he gets,a jackass who doesn't know shit about the time,hardwork and money they put in to help retarted fucktards like you saying crap…go hate on bieber you dickhead,leave the sensible folks to themselves.

  • Well nothing is for free I guess, unfortunatly…….

  • Widely published reports show women at risk seeing male "mental health professionals," women, don't see male psych! Since in real medicine a disease is a disease regardless of whether the majority or a minority has it (for ex malaria) and since psych is "real medicine," and since Horace English in 1958 said women in pants were transvestites, don't ANYONE see a female psych, all wear pants, all of them are "ill," you don't want to see an ill person. Now psych income tailspins to zero how nice!

  • What about a bachelors in psychology?

  • Man, you seem a little angry. I hope you've seen a psychologist in the past year to fix that.

  • The reality of life is that we all need help at some point in our lives. If you choose to speak with a Psychologist or stick to yourself it's a decision. Some people need to vent, others not so much. I personally feel somebody who grew up in a rough upbringing makes the best Psychologist. Yes, they make a decent living, but also devoted their own personal time and money into something that can give them stability and give back to our soceity. I'm currently working on mine 🙂

  • I applaud you.

  • Of course not. Its Per year.

  • Since only "mental health professionals" can diagnose "mental illness" (medieval witchcraft accusations) & since "mental illness is like any other illness," and since such "illness" could also afflict a psychologist, the public has no way to know if they're going to see a mentally ill psychologist, therefore the best procedure is to avoid psychologists same as they'd avoid hantavirus rats. People needing comfort need only spend time with a dog. Ahh, "the clinically normative ones," our CHRISTS!

  • It is the same logic as a physician, you have to want to help people to want to do the job, and do it well. Not all are doing it for this reason, but those who do are significantly better than others. Just like any other illness if you do not believe in your doctor you wont likely get better. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to recognize dysfunction and aberrant behaviors. There is no magic cure yet but they can help people cope.

  • Bosworth, how is it your degree in "clinical mental health" gives you immunity against mental "disorders?"  See, all the REAL MD's like cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists et al, would like to know how they could get their degrees to immunize them against the REAL disorders with which their particular specialty deals.  For ex, can you explain to a dermatologist how his degree can shield him from the effects of a bobcat scratch?  The entire mental "health" movement has nothing to do with health.  You people are 100% con artists start to stop.  Stay OUT of schools and OUT of courtrooms.  Better yet—mount a bottle cap and drift out to sea.

  • That is one teacher I would listen to if he was in his school

  • I think it would be helpful if he defined what a psychologist is versus say a mental health counselor. Big difference in education and licensing requirements.

  • His voice is cool. Haha. He explained everything pretty clear. Cant wait to study Psychology.

  • His voice makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed lol

  • I'm 70% sure Psychology is what I want to get into

  • I lve in mumbai does psychology exits here can v study it well or I hve to go in smn othr country to learn psychology? ?

  • My next door neighbour is a forensic psychologist and he's got 3 houses.

  • now that's some interesting voice . thanks for the info though. I think an IO psychologist makes the most followed by clinical .

  • what is the difference of pysciatrist to psychology?

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