Career Advice on becoming a Clinical Psychologist by Claire C (Full Version)

Career Advice on becoming a Clinical Psychologist by Claire C (Full Version)

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Claire C is a Clinical Psychologist, “The connection you have with somebody, and the meanings you make is – it’s really interesting, and quite a powerful experience really.” She wanted to be Psychologist from the age of 13 and now she has a Doctorate. She works for the NHS and in private practice.Highlights at


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  • This was really helpful, thank you.

  • Video needs better camera work & focus quality is horrible. Other than that good video.

  • I think this video is good, However as a Psychology graduate who has also wanted to be a clinical Psychologist prior to university, you do make it sound an easy track to get onto training. I have been graduated for 4 years now and have experience as a support worker but I am still finding it near impossible to gain a post as an assistant Psychologist.

  • If that's what you really want to do, I recommend you try to find a volunteering position in that role. That will get your foot in the door.

  • Clinically normative mental health professionals clinically diagnosing mental disorders with clinical methods, clinically treating with clinical treatments with clinical outcomes, clinically measured and clinically peer reviewed by clinically normative mental health professionals in clinical clinics clinically diagnosing and clinically treating clinical disorders with clinical outcomes. Jive, jargon, slang, claptrap, dialect & pseudoscientific obscenities by you A-hole mental illness MONGERS!

  • "Our degrees immunize us from mental disorders" and "he is insane whom we so deem" is the unstated credo of you A-holes. I hear from attorneys occasionally as to how they had this or that psychological thrown OUT of court. "But judge the disorder made me do it," the public is TIRING of this BS about mythical, made-up disorders by you pack of exploitative carpetbaggers. All psychology and psychiatry is severe, extreme FRAUD. BUT, if there are mental illnesses, ONLY the accusers have them!

  • that is your opinion and you have a right to state it just I kinda agree with the fact of thes messed up psychology and psychiatrist field due to money, there is money to made in psychotics, and other medical drugs. They may even go as far to make up disorders like the theory of mine adhd is made up and I hope to try to make a change and trying is better then doing nothing. Due to not likeing drugs Im chooseing neuropsychology

  • sounds like something the late George Carlin would say and he's awesome XD

  • XD in the way you intend to use it means what?

  • im 14 and i wanna be a clinical psychologists. Do i have to get a doctorate to have your job?

  • Distracting camera style and editing. Not suited to the subject matter. Interesting talk though.

  • um hii I wanna know like after phd in clinical psychology what time it takes to become a licensed clinical psychologist

  • The worst video / camera work I've seen in a long time. Interesting interview.

  • The camera work is distracting, but this is a great interview. I love Claire's statement about her job involving talking about things that matter. I have never heard someone put it like that. I loved her video.

  • Camerawork is terrible

  • I'm guessing it's the cameraman's first time playing with the camera. Otherwise this interview is really informational.

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