Can psychology be Christian? [CCT Conversations // Eric Johnson & Siang-Yang Tan]

Can psychology be Christian? [CCT Conversations // Eric Johnson & Siang-Yang Tan]

Some Christians call it “psychoheresy.” But are psychological research, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy really inconsistent with Christian faith and practice? Eric Johnson (So. Baptist Theo. Seminary) and Siang-Yang Tan (a pastor AND a psychologist at Fuller Theo. Seminary) discuss whether there can be such a thing as “Christian Psychology.”



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  • I enjoyed watching this video.  I am very much against Christian counseling because I was once "addicted" to pornography and sexual sin.  I tried everything to quit, including internet filters, accountability partners, Christian and secular counseling, etc., but nothing worked.  I ended up getting so frustrated that I told God that I was going to keep surfing porn until He stopped me.  Then one day, God changed my heart and gave me a strong passion for purity.  The grace of Jesus Christ did something that Christian counseling couldn't do; instantly take away my desire to look at porn.  I am still skeptical about Christian counseling, but I do agree with a lot of what Dr. Tan said. Thanks for making this video.

  • This is great and really very simple having a PhD Christian Counseling in the faculty of Theology, i can make this statement. The best book ever written about human behavior is the Word of God. Yes i can agree that there are somethings the Christian counselor can learn from secular psychology but not much. There is so much to say about suffering and in a nutshell we all will experience a measure of suffering in this world, we cannot escape this. So its not about suffering it what we do with that suffering. We can use that to our advantage or disadvantage. What to know more about that? 

  • One is from God the other man

  • There is no such thing as "Christian Psychology."  The two terms are diametrically opposed.

  • This deserves way more views and comments than it has received. It is a fantastic introduction to the conversation and has layers to be unpacked by the audience. On another point, after viewing some of the comments below, I think Christian psychology/counseling delves into being truly present with another human being within their various bio-psycho-socio-spiritual contexts. It views a person holistically, and this I think — is — biblical. Christian psychology is not the abandonment of good theological practice (such as Dr. Siang-Yang Tan states), rather it is integrative. It addresses necessary authenticity that a person needs and can guide us to connect with our deeper identity within the space of being made in image of God. It further guides us to fears and longings and even invites God into this sacred space as well. Christian psychology/counseling is not a magic wand where a person goes to be "fixed." Life is a journey on the roadway to completion. The good news is that we do not have to be alone on that journey. Christian psychology/counseling is a space where a person's holistic self can be valued and the necessary journey of life can continue though the sharing of one's authentic narratives.

  • We must understand as Christians that the brain is as much an organ as the heart.  It may need medication to function properly.  God answered my prayers by providing a Christian psychologist for me and my son. We are both ADHD.  He counsels us both on a spiritual level and scientific level. All wisdom comes from God and I believe it is His will for all psychologists to be Christians.  Christians need to stop making people feel guilty about seeing a therapist. God provides for our needs in many different ways. Do you have any idea how many pastors commit suicide?  Most of those could have been avoided if they felt they could see a professional without being condemned by the church.  They know Scripture, but they could have had a problem with their brain that medication could have helped.  Instead, they got so depressed, they took their own lives.  The blood is on the hands of those who condemn Christians for seeking the help of a professional.

  • Glory To God ❤️ #psychologymajor

  • The Bible does not mentions Christian Psycology? This is just another man made false doctrine that has infiltrated the Church.

  • I'm a Christian and I really want to be a psychiatrist… but I take a psychology course, (I'm homeschooled), and my course always gives the "Christian view," of the subjects and it got me to thinking that maybe psychiatry wasn't something that I could do. But I thought about it a lot and I feel really called to it. But I'm just curious to hear what other people think of it, so someone please give me opinions. xoxo

  • i have a question. i want to be a child psychologist. i want to help the kid who were abuse but if it mean that i need to destroy my belief in god i just need to give up in my dream. all i wanted to do is help our youth but i am all confused please help me. i don't know what to do

  • I have a perspective for everyone commenting saying how psychology and Christianity are opposed, or that "Christian psychology" couldn't be a thing. Psychology is simply the study of the psyche. The word psyche is greek word for soul. God created the Psyche. Why would it be sinful to study it? I definitely don't agree with much of the conclusions os modern psychology but the study itself is not wicked. Peace and light be upon you all from the LORD Jesus Christ.. Great video.

  • Siang-Yang Tan makes some really good points

  • Such a great job explaining Christian Psychology, also as a graduate student and new intern for counseling the importance of self-care is being emphasized in my school. To have this Christian conceptualization of self-care will help me to remember to rely on God for care. I tend to easily be self-reliant, so I know God has used this video to remind me of his desire to care for me and to remind me to rely on him. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

  • I think I have found what I have been looking for if only there was one like him in our Parish.

  • Let me say something as a former Christian. If Christianity is true these two men are burning in hell for all eternity along with 6+ billion people and shit is much more serious than EVERY church on earth has ever imagined haha.

  • Let me rephrase these men might not burn in hell long as they repent of psychological idolatry and God showing the ultimate card of forgiveness of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit but after that they must try.

  • Are there any truths about human nature that can only be known through God's special revelation?

    Suppose there are truths about how to overcome sinful behavior. Are some of those truths found only in God's special revelation?

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  • Why did this make me cry?

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