Brains Vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24

Brains Vs. Bias: Crash Course Psychology #24

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In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank takes a look at WAIS and WISC intelligence tests and how bias can really skew both results and the usefulness of those results.

Table of Contents
WAIS & WISC Tests 01:09:22
Standardization & Validity 02:13:10
IQ Performance 07:44:12

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July 28, 2014 / 31 Comments / by / in
  • Why2? The six seems fucked off

  • I mean it's the only one who isn't three or two away from its neighbor.

  • yikes. around 7 minutes you say Iranian. You mean "Romanian" …

  • 23

  • So as a kid you are defined by your environment but as you get older you natural stray towards your instincts.

  • Why genetic, environment, and education?  Education is a subset of the environment.  (I enjoy this lecturer and format very much.  Lessons on history and philosophy quite enjoyable.)

  • I hate how some questions, especially reading questions, are based off of a certain opinion. Like a question would ask what something in the story meant and the people writing the test had a certain opinion about it but you think differently and choose the "wrong" answer.

  • Improve everyday….

  • So sterotype is another factor that helps Asian to score higher on an exam?

  • Tldr: if you have "good enough" environmental conditions genetics tend to dominate, especially over the long run. If you're in poor conditions, it doesn't really matter if you're Einstein or not.

  • Frick, how did I get back here? I have so much other stuff to do.

  • Turn the thumbnail upside down, and you'll witness a penis accompanied by a humongous scrotum sac.

  • meanwhile I just saw an add that explained portrait mode.

  • ive been failing math since freshmen year… adults tell me it will get better and life isnt over for me… but than half of the other adults make a test result sound like a life or death scenario. walking into math fills me such a strong sense of dread…-_-

  • 10:06 Why is banana the answer? Sure, its shape is slightly more irregular and concave than the others, but blueberries are the farthest from the others in hue (the wavelength of its color), and more importantly (at least in my opinion), strawberries are the only ones on that list that aren't actually a berry (and thus also the only fruit on the list that has a name that is contradictory to its nature).

    I call shenanigans on this question and assert that there is no objectively correct answer (but if there was, it would be strawberry).

  • so any differences in scores can now be safely blamed on made up "biases", then why even bother studying human behavior

  • Who needs college when you have these videos

  • Darn, Hank, you're cute!

  • Thank you for teaching me because my teacher didn't


  • what does dftba mean?

  • thank you

  • pause video at 1:28 and make meme on the pic 👾

  • 1:27 She had 23 jellybeans, Hank, it's not impossible.

  • I think the serie of numbers has multiple options.

  • Life is basically just Pokémon and we all have our own EVs and IVs

  • Who is Bernice?

  • I like learning about psychology but I also enjoy watching Hank's hair grow with each passing video. I'm weird.

  • I've been here for 24 episodes and I'm still wondering: "Who the heck is Bernice?!"

  • Trust me stress is really rough on you. Take is from someone with GAD.

  • 5×2+1×2+1=x

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