Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology

Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology

Amazing band.


February 23, 2008 / 14 Comments / by / in
  • i love this video, but is sarah nixey for real? or just a parody of herself? i'm not sure how seriously she intends for us to take this video… it cracks me up.

  • It's so ironic that it comes full circle back to deadly seriousness again.

  • <3
    *gets over it*

  • Life is unfair: kill yourself or get over it.
    I'm gonna ink these words in my arm.

  • Golden Age of Indie Pop. Sigh.

  • straight the fuck up

  • Not depressing at all

  • This universe is unfair

  • gilmore girls brought me here

  • we are all children.. still.. with fcked up psychology.. .. …. .. ..

  • I had to see a school psychologist. I mean I had to see a psychologist at school. He was a weirdo.

  • Man YouTube has been around for a while now, keep finding videos like this 8 or 9 years old.

  • Val

    gosh the lyric is so fucking relatable

  • Mv is a little horrible for me

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