Biblical Series VI: The Psychology of the Flood

Biblical Series VI: The Psychology of the Flood

The story of Noah and the Ark is next in the Genesis sequence. This is a more elaborated tale than the initial creation account, or the story of Adam and Eve or Cain and Abel. However, it cannot be understood in its true depth without some investigation into what the motif of the flood means, psychologically, and an analysis of how that motif is informed by the order/chaos dichotomy, as well as by the idea of an involuntary voyage to the underworld or confrontation with the dragon. In consequence, this lecture concentrates almost exclusively on psychology: How is an encounter with the unknown to be understood, conceptually? How and why is that represented with themes such as the underworld voyage, the dragon fight, or the flood?

All that constitutes the theme of lecture VI.

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  • The only constant in the universe is change.

  • I can't access the JBP Patreon. Anyone else?

  • Thank you for your work and all that you share professor Peterson! I'd like to add a comment regarding Mircea Eliade's work on the history of religions, as told by Eliade himself in the foreword to the Romanian translation of what we know now as "A history of religious ideas" (published in 3 volumes, at Payot, Paris in 1976, 1978 and 1983): "Except few chapters, this book reproduces the essence of the courses on the History of Religions that I thought, from 1933 to 1938, at University of Bucharest, at Ecole des Hautes Etudes in 1946 and 1948 and from 1956 at the Chicago University" … that is to say, the books represent a lifetime of study and work (50 years)

  • I think there is a reason why there are a bunch of boys asking Professor Peterson about drugs, especially psychedelics. In my estimation, these guys were out there finding the "meaning of life" or "searching for a purpose" or even "reinvent themselves" by doing these drugs or wanting to do these drugs and they stumbled across Professors lectures and their eyes lit up listening to him.

    They found in Professor what they were looking for in those drugs, especially psychedelics that's why they don't ask about cocaine or heroin even though professor talks about it far more than psychedelics. I say all of this with such confidence because I am one of those guys.

    How many of you agree or disagree?

  • One of your BEST lectures on so many counts. And I LOVE your idea of using Youtube as an online university for ALL. As a retired person, I STILL want to keep learning, but the costs prevent – except where I find lectures like yours. I, in turn, pass it on for FREE with my followers in combination with the skills I share. Its my current "purpose". BRILLIANT and thank you.

  • yeah thats right, you cant beat the dutch and their dykes

  • I literally paused the video and cleaned my room at 2am.

  • If you've been following along since part 1, you are now entering hour 13

  • "When the flood comes, you want to be the guy that built the ark"

  • Just as an idea or proposition for testing…Happiness as the highest aim doesn't have to be silly or misguided or shallow. It involves building an ark of stability in the mind, and along the way individuating and taking care of exigencies and all that.

  • realizing that something not quite right , is opening doors to help or education in finding proper professional to guide to centre of root cause , by aiming to elimate the possible affects , to the effect. soulition. thats hard , for anyone exposing you have mental issue , stops most , for loss in place of group or judged in gossip , causing depression, never to return from , as the same person you were ,. All to express that a human being , that needs a perspective in things that stump you facing understanding the known , reasoning to comprehend answer , or why it is , the way it is. . To give complete pat on back , to Doc , Peterson, , in a ironic life style , standing in one fight for humanity as whole being affected , wakes the freedom of interaction to share what you are thinking about to fix , understanding , truth , closure , really a creation to helping each , for positive , not negetive growth . your the voice or guide to help by little , makes great , congrats and standing Oh , Dr. Peterson. you have in a back wards path , fell off the fight in freedom of speech , to freedom of open discussion of solutions to yours as others thinking and thoughts , of not quite getting something , let me try explaining , and you let know , One , to One , starts from everyone , in humanity, whole , freedom of speech , becomes ! freedom to speak , beautiful in right way , becomes only way , expression in speech literay words , liturature, to reason , meaning , understanding , redefined freedom , give psychology to mass , for mental is source of all , in soulitions , to wisdom , reason why it is , how it becomes , ways to correct , transparency, illusion becomes reality , . Your life is one , on the person standing for voice in freedom of being , becomes voice humanity needs for professional , heartfelt , opionion , advice , or guidance, MUCH APPRECIATED HUMAN IS BEING , HUMAN , HELP OTHERS , HELP SELF , TO CORRECTOR OF SHIP , FROM SMASHING REEF , PUTTING CAPITAINS BACK IN HELMS . LOVE , WHAT NEEDED , BRINGS WHATS WANTED , DOING RIGHT BUY ALL , RIGHTS ALL IN FIX THE FUTURE , FOR THE HUMANITY TURNING POINT FROM RETURNING , YOU ARE THE DOOR THAT FREEDOM , SWINGS, SPEECH , LITURATURE, PSYCHOLOGY, EXPRESSING OPENI FORUM FOR EQUAL , ALL , SAME , POSITIVE GROWTH , FORWARDS.

  • The psychology of the flood… i immediately thought of Halo.
    I need Jesus

  • I just love how Peterson takes a game like Peek-a-boo and explains how it's a game that shows how reliable the parent can be to the child, whilst temporarily exposing him/her to the existential dread of independence for the first time.

  • he doesn't meantion it was because of self deceit, that is a very important part!

  • "Sorted ote"

  • "You want to be the one that built the arch when the flood comes….. and the flood is always coming"


  • "You can't trust women" – Jordan B Peterson. Misogyny confirmed. Deplatform pls

  • Was the question about Dr Peterson's plans for education going forward after a talk about floods intentional?

    What are the thousands of poor quality teachers who have been teaching at mediocre institutions going to do once students move online? How many have been preparing for the flood?

  • This lecture is hitting home for me in more ways than one. I'm listening to this in Houston while for the rain to stop and the floods to dissipate. The worst that has happened to me is that I couldn't get to work downtown today. On the upside, I had time to clean my room. Luckily, I was able to stock up on food, and I'm not in an area with major flooding. Hopefully the city of Houston will engineer and implement a better solution to the problem of flooding before the next major hurricane hits. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have been severely impacted, and I will be helping friends that have been affected in the weeks to come. Stay strong my fellow Houstonians!

  • Point of contention. Around 1:56:00…. New Orleans is located in the state of Louisiana. Not Mississippi. Louisiana and New Orleans are LEGENDARY for the corruption both in the State and City Governments. The levee control boards are local appointments and have been seats of graft for a long time.

  • "Bite-sized" sent me here 😄
    How about you?

  • Your intro makes me nut every time

  • "de-ba-kl…de-BA-ckle" lmfaoooooo I love it.

  • I think of Noah as this: You need to be prepared to sacrifice a lot, and if you're clever about it you make won't completely sacrifice your chances in any game in life. Noah saved 2 of each animal, the bare minimum to start over.

  • 42:20 for an interesting insight into malevolent evil

  • Professor Jordan Peterson! The man with a halo over his head!

  • Just for the record, New Orleans is not in the state of Mississippi. It is in Louisiana. But to your point I've often wondered why we don't engineer to exceed. It must come down to money.

  • There are a lot of you in the comment section did not watch or listen to the lecture… :/

    I'm happy you're here though. It means you recognize that truth is being spoken. 🙂

  • Fuck me, he is just so fucking good at articulating everything that I cannot explain myself but still have a "vague" understanding of.


  • These stories certainly have deeper layers of meaning than literalistic fundamentalism might suggest. I'm glad Mr. Peterson is encouraging us to dive in for another look into the murky depths and to consider the tragic consequences of our spiritual ignorance.

  • Questioning, and then mentally taking apart external structures of society today is what ultimately lead me to JBP, and then Molyneux. Namely political/societal structures. And now internal/personal structures. With the help of JPB…and Orwells writings. And the Kaczynski manifesto for good measure.

    Because of JBP I'm reading Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitsyn. And reading Jung again. I haven't done this sort of thing in a long time. I feel more engaged, and beginning to connect to something greater. Like slowly prying open a third eye.

  • Maybe I've misunderstood something here but we'd best not tell the SJW's that their Dutch Dyke Feminazi storm troopers can literally defeat God!

  • As far as flood possibilities –
    Great talk as usual – I'm loving the series.

  • God, I don't know what I love more: the video, the comment section, or cleaning up my room in order to become the first magistrate of the new world after a huge ass but very predictable flood

  • Is it really clear from the Cain and Abel story that it is better to be Abel? Abel did get his head bashed in by his brother. Maybe he was at least less miserable before that moment.

  • Come to New Mexico Dr. Kermit.

  • Funny you should mention houses and entropy. I have plenty of those lofty creative goals but I can't ever catch up because of the entropy of this damn house. It's like just when you think you're close to catching up, you have to start over with what you did 10 years ago because that's rotted away now. I feel like sisyphus with the rock. I fix the house so it doesn't rot into the ground but my soul is rotting because it's boring, uncreative, extremely time consuming and frustrating work. I don't have money to call a plumber.

  • it sucks that 3 smart people milo jordan and ben believe in such nonesense stupid bullshit with 0 evidence. otherwise theyd be almost perfect 🙁

  • New Orleanian here. We're in Louisiana. Not Mississippi. Damn Canucks. lol

  • 24:00 Being extremely pessimistic and at the place where there are only bad options left with only variants different negative outcomes on different ends or towards different people, is highly shit when you're also pathologically altruistic. Then you may not even chose the least bad option for you, but the least bad option for "the people who matter to you", which then can result in your personal removal or even suicide, instead of just inconveniencing them for a short time.

  • Most of the time Dr Peterson is just giving credence to things I took a lifetime to figure out but still wasn't sure about. Whether you call this comment arrogance, pretentiousness or bad luck by stumbling upon truth but not integrating it is your call, but the important part is: Finally there is some credible source giving validation to all those things, and offering a few new details. – In any case, never forget: Critique is the motor of improvement. So talk to one another, and listen, and then talk more.

  • || The FLOOD Stories ||

    GOOD DAY Everyone,

    In Asia, India, Ancient Near East, and Around The World, There Are Many FLOOD Stories .

    Are There Any Ancient Documents or Manuscripts, Found, That Those Who Did Them, Were Arrested, By A Divine Legal System ? And PROSECUTED ?

    If NOT, What's The Possiblity, That They Are Travelling Free Around, In The GALAXY ? And The Possiblity, That, They ARE Among The 83 non Terrestrial races ? CONSEQUENTLY, In Our Backyard ?


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