Behaviourism | Psychology (PSYC101)

Behaviourism | Psychology (PSYC101) for more free video tutorials covering Psychology.

This video briefly demonstrates behaviourism by explaining three different models subsequent to appropriate examples. First part of the video explains basic ideas of learning theory where it shows how environment shapes development of behavior and changes are quantitative rather than qualitative. It also focuses on objectivity following an example on avoidance of cognition.

The video, in its’ second part, explains Watson model applying classical pavlovian principles of learning to development. It introduces the studied conditioned emotions such as rage and fear giving an example of little boy Albert where it shows how associated fear with white fluff due to loud noise of rats can significantly affect Albert’s behaviorism.

Last part of the video describes Skinner model in details applying operant conditioning where it shows how behaviors shape through reinforcement or lack thereof to create strengthening or extinction. It also illustrates effectively of punishment and shows why it is so undesirable due to adverse consequences.


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