Behavioral Neuroscience Lab, Lec 1, Psychology 116, UCLA

Behavioral Neuroscience Lab, Lec 1, Psychology 116, UCLA

Course Desciption:
Psychology 116: Neuroscience Lab is a laboratory experience exploring various topics in behavioral neuroscience.

About the Professor:
Dr. William Grisham is a Professor from UCLAs Department of Physiological Science. Since July of 1996, Dr. Grisham coordinated and taught upper division laboratories in Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience and Biopsychology majors for UCLA. Furthermore, he participated in selection and development of laboratory exercises and computer assisted learning, developed and administered laboratory examinations, and trained and supervised graduate teaching assistants.

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  • Excellent teaching style!

  • This guy is really impressive. THAT'S how you teach a class.

  • it's to bad he never explains why the optic nerves cross each other to begin with…

  • @0001kd it's college why wouldn't you learn with your own brain?

  • @0001kd they super charge us to pay for things like this…but it's worth it

  • If they Teach like this in UCLA—That s bad

  • Wow — this guy is a great teacher! Wish there were more like him. They are about 5% at my university. Always great when you get one like this. πŸ™‚

  • Any chance, someone can link me the slides?

  • just over a few minutes of watching listening to this lecture, i already developed a crush on the professor. HMM i wonder how as he when he was younger as a person. I often develop a crush on professors because I enjoy learning then I also enjoy the material I am learning so it is kind of conflicting for me. I get confused.

  • This is a great video

  • love the video really good

  • love the video man

  • I miss Prof. Grisham. He is the BEST prof. I've had in ucla…:'(

  • Heyho cool people out there!


    PLEASE LET US KNOW. I think I will go for the book while listening to the lecture.

  • interesting video and very informative

  • for the syllabis with links to class readings visit courses(dot)psych(dot)ucla(dot)edu/syllabus/09F/328357200(dot)pdf

  • love this his class great!

  • i wish we could read the slides good lectures tho

  • Where do i get the copy of these slides?

  • i came here from noteweb

  • I can see Neuroscience replacing psychology for diagnosis in the future because definite evidence of psychological attributes can be proven. Psychological observation can be manipulated by the patient to get the results they want in a scam or in a lapse in awareness of there own psychological attributes. Therefore like a illusionist a con tries to persuade the psychologist into seeing what he wants them to see by the patients manipulation of ones self.

  • 4 footed beasties… lmfao.. this dude is the man.

  • Could you post more of these lectures, nine isn't enough. There so interesting. Big thankyou.

  • I love this video. When will you be uploading more clips?

  • this guy is nuts XD he's an awesome tutor

  • Great professor. Awful cameraman!!!!

  • Unfortunately I had to stop watching because illustrations/projections were too blurry…..started to give me a headache. Awesome teacher though. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thank you Dr. William Grisham! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! KEEP IT UP!! THANK YOU!!!

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