Baby alter? : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

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Baby alter? : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

Hi it’s the twins again. The others won’t post since we called ourselves psychopaths because they’re embarrassed and ashamed.

We have a problem with the narcissist they insisted on reconstructing and not keeping locked up.

We appreciate that you guys see this condition more as personalities taking over and we see it as we have a bunch of imbeciles we have to juggle. So we come from a different perspective or experience. We considered that possibly had we not DID we would be psychopathic or narcissistic due to our childhood but instead we have this and we also appreciate that we’re probably better off with feelings etc. The others have a different perspective and take on us and our system works but like we said they’re embarrassed and ashamed so not posting.

We’re posting to think out loud and if anyone wants to reply or not is ok with us.

Before we got rudely woken up we had deconstructed a narcissistic personality, years ago. This had in effect in real life made us (as a whole) completely lacking “self love” and lead to being used and walked over by our sociopathic ex.

When the others woke us up they also realised wed deconstructed a personality. Between us we decided to view this personality like a mermaid – shallow and vein, which has helped us tolerate it’s presence.

However today, just now, we felt it’s effects. Effects we had not felt for a long time. When we deal with the sociopathic ex it’s good because the narcissist construct has zero tolerance for his BS.

Today, just now, an outside person gave us a “no” answer. This instigated narcissistic rage. Narcissistic rage is very toxic feeling and powerful. It is irrational, extreme and spiteful. Like we said it’s ok when you’re dealing with a toxic person, it’s pretty much necessary, but in this particular instance is completely unnecessary.

We don’t know what to do about it. We restrained the narcissist construct (it’s not really a whole personality so we prefer the word construct). The others since our post have been sitting inside eating crisps. We weren’t allowed crisps as a child, we don’t even like crisps because of this but every time we ask their opinion they’re just sitting eating crisps. They’re sulking. They’ll do a show of hands, a vote, on decisions but other than that they’re not talking to us. They won’t talk here and they’re leaving everything to us. Which is fine, they can sulk and eat crisps if they want to but we don’t know what to do about the narcissist.

Now as far as we know there’s no effective therapy – schema therapy. Ok, we can try to do some schema therapy with it. We haven’t named it. We don’t know if it has a name. We deconstructed it about 8 years ago when we decided to give up revenge. We had 3 years of our life based around a particular revenge and decided we needed to give up revenge. Because the revenge feelings are in the narcissist construct we deconstructed it. The downside as we said was that we were left open to exploitation – we saw that as the price we had to pay but because of the sociopath experience we’re having to review that.

We asked it’s name. It said “Kismet” which according to Google means destiny or fate. It would have a big head name.

Where is the rage at this particular “no” coming from? That’s what we’ll ask it. We’re probably going to have to take it one schema at a time as they present themselves which is going to most likely be a long slow process. Also what is it outcome if this has any effect what so ever? – We need to find that out, or we’ll feel the outcome or change in rage levels maybe?

The others are laughing at us. When we asked why they said because we’re trying to give schema therapy to a baby. We don’t know what something is, it’s age or gender or anything unless we ask or it shows its self, we just work with feelings and try to make everyone feel good.

Now they’re mocking us because they say we’re not so smart after all and are in fits of laughter.

Is it even possible to have a baby as an alter? Sounds ridiculous to me. Ok it’s a baby. We’re just look after the baby I suppose. For God’s sake. If this isn’t insanity then I don’t know what is. Can a baby alter grow up because this is going to be really inconvenient.

Sorry forum guys who might read this. We’re going to leave it as it is incase anyone here knows what to do with a baby alter.

Thanks in advance if you can help with this.

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