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RPSC 2nd grade psychology test 💯%, Day-17, psychology 2nd grade test paper,

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Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 1👇👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 2👇👇

Rpsc 2nd टैस्ट 3👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 4👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 5👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 6👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 7👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 8👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 9👇👇

Rpsc 2nd ग्रेड टैस्ट 10👇👇

राजस्थान आभूषण ट्रिक पार्ट -2👇👇

राजस्थान का एकीकरण बेहतरीन ट्रिक 👇👇

राजस्थान के लोकगीत ट्रिक 👇👇


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RPSC 2nd grade psychology test 💯%, Day-17, psychology 2nd grade test paper,



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The Psychology of Depression – How to Ruin Your Life

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In this video we explore some of the psychological factors and life patterns which predispose us to depression.
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“Kenapa Ratna dukung Prabowo?” – On Moral Psychology

Setelah sekian lama, Afu dan Wikan kini menetap kembali di Jakarta! Dalam episode ini, Afu membahas lima pondasi moralitas yang juga menentukan pilihan politik kita. Teori ini dipinjam dari bahasan Jonathan Haidt di buku The Righteous Mind, dan F&S mengundang teman-teman untuk mengeksplorasi isi otak kita dan mengapa kita mendukung kandidat politik yang kita dukung.

N.B. Akhirnya episode ini dibuat sepenuhnya dalam bahasa Indonesia!


Finally, Afu and Wikan are settled back in Jakarta! In this comeback episode, Afu talks about the five foundations of morality, which also informs our political choices. Adopted primarily from Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind, F&S invites you to explore the inner workings of your brain and why you support the political candidate that you support.

P.S. We finally did an episode fully in Indonesian!


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TED Talk tentang Five foundations of morality:

Artikel terkait topik yang sama:

Review : Liberals and Conservatives rely on different sets of moral foundations – 1/2

The Edge of Moral Reasons: Why Liberals and Conservatives can´t get along


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7:00 PM-Psychology and Pedagogy(Class-16) By Sanjay Sir for DSSSB/CTET/KVS/HTET/REET/UPTET

7:00 PM-Psychology and Pedagogy(Class-16) By Sanjay Sir for DSSSB/CTET/KVS/HTET/REET/UPTET

8:00AM- Daily current affairs By Pardeep Pahal Sir
RRB Group D
09:00 AM-Reasoning By Brijesh Sir
10:15 AM- Science (Biology)By Rohtash Singh Sir
11:00 AM- Mathematics By Ravi Sir
12:15 PM- PM-General studies By Pardeep Pahal sir

1:15 PM- Science class by Rakesh Rajput sir

HSSC GROUP-D BATCH(Monday to Friday):-
2:15 PM- Maths By Anil Poonia Sir And Reasoning By Ravinder Sir
3:00 PM- Haryana Gk by Karan Kaushik sir
4:00 PM-English By Kaushal Sir And Hindi By Deepak Sir
5:15 PM- National GK And Current Affairs By Pardeep Pahal Sir

SSC CGL/CPO (Monday to Friday):-
6:15 PM Maths By Rinkus Sir

Psychology and Pedagogy for DSSSB/CTET/KVS/HTET/REET:-
7:00 PM- Psychology and Pedagogy By Sanjay Sir

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Stream of Consciousness: The Psychology of the Left | Guest: Quentin Ferreira

On this episode I am joined by Quentin Ferreira, a Clinical Psychologist working in the Space Industry, Libertarian, and Portuguese South African.

We discuss the psychology of the Left, his latest article in the Rational Standard, and the South African political zeitgeist.

~ [Stream of Consciousness Episode 10]

Quentin’s Twitter:
Rational Standard article:
(South Africa’s White Lies, the Ctrl-Left and the Narrative: a Post-Post-Modern Perspective)





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