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A Polygraph Test Does Not Detect Lies !!!!

Alright, so I think it’s time we as a whole debunked this myth.
A polygraph does not detect lies. I detects for symptoms of lying that can be easily influenced by a lot of outside influences apart from lying. Its not even close to an accurate instrument, and it’s time we dropped this test to be admitted as evidence of anything.



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Real Life Positive Psychology That Works

Go from pain, conflict, disgust, to awe, love, joy, positive emotions, & great relationships.This is real life positivity in a nutshell. Find out what it is all about from a man who was depressed, angry, sad, & had my marriage hanging from a thread. Learn what can happen to you once you realize what you are in control of. To realize that the only thing you are in charge of is your positive attitude.
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Relaxing Studying Together | ASMR psychology lesson

Hello everyone, it’s wonderlisa asmr!
Today in this video we will study together psychology. Will you be interested if I explain you the ideas of Carl Jung? Such kind of videos was requested earlier after my philosophy lesson roleplay. I will not be teaching you but I will read to you in soft voice and explain and write on a chalkboard. I love the series of these books, they are very fascinating! I am sure you will like it too:)

Thank you for watching my video! Love you all ❤️

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MOST IMPORTANT : PSYCHOLOGY | Growth and Development | l Live Class and Discussion

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Glücksspiel dsm 5.

Neuer Spielautomaten Mit diesem Trick gewinnst du bei jedem Spielautomaten. Ohne Manipulation wirst du duch die Tricks die höchsten Gewinne erzielen.


dsm 5

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