Attention: Cognitive Psychology – Dr. Boaz Ben David

Attention: Cognitive Psychology – Dr. Boaz Ben David

Movie: Attention
Course: Cognitive Psychology
Lecturer: Dr. Boaz Ben David, Psychology school

Advanced Learning Technologies unit, IDC Herzliya
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  • Great videos! Would be greatly appreciated if you could post more in English.

  • thank you very much for this video. i'm studing now attention and i want be in your class 🙂

  • professor!!! we need more videos in english please!!!

  • Great video!

  • Thank you Dr. Boaz, the video was very helpful in assisting me in my study of attention for my cognitive psychology course. We certainly could use more videos in English please.

  • His deadpan humor is awesome

  • Purrfect tense of Schröders experiment

  • (?)

  • This is my favorite video about attention — and I've seen a lot of them. Thank you!

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