Aristotle “The Founder of the Modern Science”

Aristotle “The Founder of the Modern Science”

aristotle1I have been studying the impact of the ideas and thought of the ancient thinkers and philosopher on modern science since a few days. I was astonished to see the contribution that Aristotle has made in terms of setting the basis of logical thinking and reasoning. At those times the whole world used to believe that there are divine forces that control our life as a whole and we have no control over it. Even Aristotle teacher Plato and his teacher Socrates who were the pioneers of knowledge and thinking, believed that the soul is responsible for our day to day life and the knowledge that we posses is a product of our inward self. This phenomenon was called introspection and we even find its traces in the modern world.  The issue with that phenomenon is that we might stop looking at the outer world for new information and ideas and focus on our mind and soul to generate these ideas.

Aristotle believed that there are no two things such as “soul” and “body” but this is a single source. Humans might be different in a lot of ways but they might share ideas due to the similarities between what they see, contiguity or two events happening one after the other and contrast when humans have different ideas and they discuss them to look for the truth and find more information and knowledge.

Socrates and Plato did not believe in humans full control over their bodies and this resulted in humans being limited to a set of thing they did and not try new things as they were not sure if they can try new things and find new ways of to enhance their knowledge. It was Aristotle who that human is a material thing with the normal urges like eating, perceiving, having children, thinking and doing things. He told them to try new things and not everything has been decided in advance. Humans could now make their own fate.

While we study the history of the European progress we come to a point when we realize that they have followed Ibn Rushd ideas of logical thinking. The basis of Ibn Rushd  ideology are found in the thoughts of Aristotle and Rushd was the one who simply modified Aristotle’s ideas to make them synchronized with the times that he lived in.

In my view the modern science of human behavior, psychology is based on Aristotle concept of memory. He the things we perceive are stored in our memory and when we see similar of contrast things we recall those things which results in forming of fresh ideas based on that objective and critical thinking patterns. If we look at the modern research, we find that this is what exactly happens we store things in our mind and recall them when we need to asses an encountered situation. This helps us on making rational decisions instead of leaving everything on fate and feeling helplessly.

Aristotle might not have the exact terms or scientific explanation at the time he lived in but his theories can easily be tested and up to a large extant proved with the modern technology. I feel astonished to see his wisdom of going against the norms and saying something no one was ready to accept. He will be remembered for his contributions towards the modern development as long as the world lives.

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