AQA Psychology A Level – A* Student 100% in Psya3 & Psya4 Revision

AQA Psychology A Level – A* Student 100% in Psya3 & Psya4 Revision

I self-studied AQA Psychology in Mid 2011 to 2012 scoring A* and 100% in both A2 papers, heres a video for tips on how I revised for papers 3 + 4 (Psya3 + Psya4).

You can find part one explaining Psya1 & Psya2 revision here:

Get Psya1 Model Essays For EVERY 12 Mark Question HERE!!:

AQA Psychology AS Psya1 A* Students Model Essay Answers

My certificate and website for further help as well as my model A* essay answers for papers 3 + 4 which got me 100% are available at the following website:

A Level Psychology Revision

Get Psya3 Sleep & Biological Rhythms A* Essay Answers here:

Get Psya3 Relationship A* Model Essay Answers here:

Get Psya3 Aggression A* Model Essay Answers here:

Get Psya4 Schizophrenia A* Model Essay Answers here:

Get Psya4 Media Psychology A* Model essay answers here:

My scores for each paper were :
Paper 1 = 83 ums
Paper 2 = 90 ums
Paper 3 = 100 ums
Paper 4 = 100 ums

Oh and I know the hat looks silly.


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  • wow this was great
    this has really helped me understand psychology
    i have just finished As psychlogy
    i am currently preparing for A2
    this video was great 
    thank you so much 

  • Wish you did Psyb.

  • Hi Saj hope all is going well. I was just wondering when you say make model essay answers for a topic for example: depression.On what basis are you suggesting forming these essay answers? Do we make them of spec points and if so how? Or do we form perfect essay answers using questions from past papers. Is it more of a time effective and more efficient way of learning the material, solely by forming model essay answers or by using combination which also includes making notes and revising from them in addition to forming these model essay answers.
    Thank you.

  • I am sitting on a C/B grade in my A2 right now, Saj. And it's already November, we do unit 3&4 exams in May/June… Do you think there's any hope for improving my grades? The specification has left relationships behind now.. My teachers have focused on Aggression/sleep+bio rhythms/ perception now and I'm assuming we'll do eating behaviour, intelligence and learning and cognition and development all before Christmas (o_O)… And then all unit 4 before the May/June exams? It's all so much to take in. Do I have hope?

  • Hi! I just wanted to ask if doing AS and A2 Psychology in one year would work? I'm basically on my gap year after finishing sixth form and I'm planning on doing AS/A2 psychology in one year. Do you think it would be okay to do it in just one year?


  • I am awful at psychology because it's not a 'natural' subject for me. I also do Music and English literature! My school has a block system which basically forced me to take psychology because of the way the options were placed between A B C and D. Last year (year 12 AS) I revised so hard. I sat in my room from 9.30am to dinner time (about 5pm) and then a bit afterwards to revise and I learned so much. However, I only got an E and U in the exams and was really disappointed because I revised so much (I basically dedicated my life to revision from February to exam time!). This was the same turnout for music . I would resit psychology but I don't want to go through that crazy amount of stress again and it's not the area I want to go into. Is there a way for me to revise successfully for A2 next June to bump my E grade up to a C? MY head of year said it was possible to do that in a September assembly. Which are the easiest areas in my case to study would you say? My email is if you'd rather email me, I also sent you a tweet about studies you do just to check if they're the same as I'd really like to get the books if so (is it ones like johansson, daly and wilson , wikstrom(?), meichenbaum ect. thank you!

  • Hello Saj. I'm currently at the forefront of my mock exams and I've been achieving a D/C grade so far. I am Currently at AS Level a C (1 mark off a B) and have been told if I get mid/high B's in my exams this year i will achieve a B overall. However I am currently struggling to grasp strong essay writing skills and my teachers notes on my work arent helping, no matter how many times i ask in different ways. Is there any useful advice you could give in terms of time management and key things to make sure I can achieve a higher C/B grade? I really need help and I am struggling to cope with the demands of A2 when i fail to understand what it is i need to do! Hope you can help! Thanks, Kaylie.

  • Hi Saj. Roughly how many words did you write for each essay? My teacher says between 600-900 but I feel that too much for all essays in the amount of time that we have. Thank very much!

  • Hi saj, theres about 20 essays to learn whats the best way to learn all of them and could you please do a prediction on the essays that could possibly come up this year. Thanks

  • Your books have really helped and I have gotten much better in my practice essays. One question though- how exactly did you revise for the research methods section for unit 4?

  • Say for schizophrenia would you only have to learn the behavioural explanation or would you need to learn all 4?

  • Whats the best way to revise for research methods for PSYA4

  • Really helpful video. I'm surprised you didn't recommend eating behaviour, I'm finding that the easiest topic in unit 3. My teacher chose anomalistic for us, it's so hard.

    In terms of your behaviour/learning explanation for schizophrenia, what supporting evidence or evidence against would you use to evaluate it?

  • Hi Saj,

    What advice would you give to someone on how they can revise a week or two prior to the actual exam? Because for Psya3 and Psya4 revision you said to do your essay answers a couple months before. Will I be able to complete them within a week or two? 

    Thank you.

  • 7 months in advance huh? Well I guess I'm in trouble then. But I'm still gonna go for it with everything I can.

  • S

    I want some advice- I just finished my AS psychology and I've started A2 psychology- I got a bad grade of 70 UMS on unit 1 (B) and 85 UMS on unit 2 (A) so an overall of a B. Do you think I should retake my unit 1 paper because I want a secure A overall…

  • Thanks for this video! Which textbooks (1-2) would you recommend for Psychology AS+A2? On the CIE website the textbook recommendation page is very vast so I am clueless as to which couple of textbooks are most consistent with what the curriculum demands.

    Also do you have experience with undertaking A Level Psychology online? I am abroad at the moment, and it's very hard to find a personal tutor in psychology who is very familiar with the curriculum. Do online courses offer the teaching support + materials (eg extensive notes) that are relevant to the A Level curriculum that would help me work towards an A?

  • i just started a level psycology 2 week's ago what book do you recogmend for AQA

  • sucks that they changed 90% of the a levels to linear

  • Hey I'm doing self learning and gone on fast track on Psychology, I have approximately 4 months to do all 4 exams. What I'm wondering is; will I be able to collect all this information for all exams and score a B overall right in time?

  • 25:20 – Using this as a little bit of assistance before mocks, but 'youre basically shafted' had me in stitches

  • What does A stand for in GRENADE?

  • N/A

    Hey just come across your channel. Im an adult who does have a degree so ive done my studies a loong time ago, however i want to do an A level in psychology as i am thinking of going into A level teaching. Please can you giv me more info on how you did the self learning approach and what online company you did this fast track A level?

  • i came into my mock and did the behavioural explanation.. my teacher refused to mark it lol. because she hadnt taught it to me and said if i used it in the real thing i wouldnt get any marks for it

  • any predicitions for tommorow?

  • psya3

  • my exam is tomorrow. its 8pm. im so fucked.

  • thank you for making this video. i have my exam in 2 hours

  • 7 months in advance? 0.0 Here I am with my exam tomorrow having just begun revision.. oops

  • Omg I'm so dead !

  • Who's going through vids before the exam 😂✋🏾

  • I'm debating doing this subject as an A level right now. I've been looking to see any papers that line up with the new specification, so that i can see what kind of questions i would need to answer and how. Do you know anywhere that i could find any?

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