AP® Psychology – What is Psychology? | UBCx on edX | Course About Video

AP® Psychology – What is Psychology? | UBCx on edX | Course About Video

Learn about the history and research methods of psychology.

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This psychology course is an introduction to the field of psychology. It begins by asking “What is Psychology?” and provides some concrete answers to that question. Next, it covers the history of psychology and provides a look at the state of psychology today.

This course will provide you with research-based study tips — to help you in this course and in the future. You will learn the methods a psychologist uses in their research. From experimental design to coverage of some basic statistics — by the end of this course you will have a comprehensive appreciation for the methods of psychology.

This course includes video-based lectures and demonstrations, interviews with real research psychologists and a plethora of practice questions to help prepare you for the AP® Psychology exam.

This course is the first course in our six-part AP® Psychology course series designed to prepare you for the AP® Psychology exam.

– What psychology is and is not
– The history of the field of psychology and the state of contemporary psychology
– Research-based study skills
– The research methods of psychology, including descriptive methods, correlational methods and experimental methods
– The basics of descriptive and inferential statistics


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