AP Psychology Awareness Test: Who Cheated?

AP Psychology Awareness Test: Who Cheated?

Our awesome 2010-2011 AP Psychology class created an awareness test. It will blow your mind!


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  • I noticed the chicken I actually thought I was supposed to guess who was cheating

  • it was the girl in the blue she never changed

  • there was heaps of changes i noticed right away

  • i noticed just two of them changed seat and the chicken at the back hahaha

  • I noticed all changes. What supposed it means?

  • this scene remember a porn video LOL

  • I was looking for the 'cheater' until I saw the freaking chicken in the corner

  • Nope did't notice the changes but I was pretty damn sure the girl with her head down was the guily one until the end now i just feel stupid.

  • i meant to say guilty

  • The chiken in the classroom XD

  • Why the chicken?

  • oook… So who cheated

  • Yeah "Test Tomorrow"?

  • I still don't know who cheated…..

  • I noticed the changes, and the chicken.
    This test did nothing to engage my awareness.

  • cool

  •  spiderman theme by danny elfman 0:06 haha lol

  • This was good. I was so close focused on the teacher and also with his stern attitude that I didn't look at anything else until he mentioned about a student being a cheater and only then did I look at the students and the gumball machine caught my curiosity and well I never saw what happened. "The hand is faster than the eye" is a saying that was told to me once.

  • It's funny cuz I only noticed the chicken guy

  • i noticed

  • I blamed the guy in the black shirt, kinda the first change i notice,

  • I noticed 10 only

  • Hmmmmmm okay

  • good video.

  • That was awful

  • I cheated.  I jumped to the end to find out the answers… #cheater 

  • Jesus Christ…

  • For god's sake! I can even HEAR the changes hahah

  • Girls are hot as hell

  • i felt something was wrong with the flag, couple of the students and the yellow bird. 
    Didnt notice the change on the whiteboard. 

  • Wow, I missed a lot! The only thing I noticed the very first time was the first two desks on the left changes were made from girl to guy am black shirt and bottle of something on the desk I missed everything else!

  • Yellow chick in the corner?

  • Spiderman music i like it

  • I only noticed the guy in the black shirt.

  • only noticed the yellow chicken suddenly there..did'n't know the students were running around..

  • I caught almost everything the only thing I didn't see was the two girls switching places

  • Did anyone notice the Turkish flag on the board?

  • maybe if the quality didn't suck

  • 0:28 She looks like Britney Spears when she was younger

  • I only saw the chicken

  • But who cheated???

  • omg wtf

  • i only saw the chicken

  • the person that cheated was the person on the far left.

  • Mel

    o değilde Türk bayrağını görenler😎

  • i noticed the chicken

  • I'm at 0:55 and it's the chicken

  • why the Rami Spider-Man theme?

  • Ken

    I don't know who cheated, but someone swapped out your high resolution camera with a potato.

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