Animus-Anima in Jungian psychology

Animus-Anima in Jungian psychology

Animus/Anima archetypes in Jungian psychology, excerpt from “A World of Dreams” , a three-part series of films produced by PBS, on the life and works of the great thinker and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.


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  • I still believe we know no more than 1 or 2% of what anima and animus really are/mean..

  • Unformed that is forming…if we are all potential whole or forming a wholeness, we contain potential, a vague element of some-thing we conciously attribute as 'other', other than our ego. Which causes conflict, in that energy projected feels like a loss of control or command. It is infact not necessarily a conflict but a flux of an image of self, and neutral. Certain gender characteristics in 'others' seem to instigate a reinvigoration of the anima/animus, flux, imbalance & balance. Or love.

  • Starting to go towards stereotyping here.

  • I just don't like boxing a gender into something like "every one of them will…". I recognise that there are some generalizations that are largely true, but there are always exceptions.

    I know of men and women that make my life more interesting.

  • Az anima és az animus az ellentétes nem belső tudattalan képviselője. Az anima a férfiben élő nő, az animus a nőben élő férfi (a férfiak is képesek nőiesen viselkedni és a nők is tudnak férfiasan viselkedni). Ez teszi lehetővé, hogy megtaláljuk a párunkat, ezért érezzük úgy, hogy a másikat ősidők óta ismerjük. Ha megtaláljuk azt az embert aki, az animánkat / animusunkat képezi, szerelmesek leszünk belé. Ez a partnerideál projekciója (kivetítése).

  • Pozitív megjelenési formája Dante Beatricéje, aki segít a pokol megjárásában. Negatív megjelenési formája a görög mitológiai szirének, a német hagyományban Loreley. Mindkettőnek megvannak a belső fejlődési stádiumai, amelyek külsőleg is megjelennek, például: egy éretlen animussal rendelkező nő olyan férfit választ, ami megfelel az animusának. Ugyanez vonatkozik az animára is, a bibliai Éva és Szűz Mária (hiányzik a szex) fejletlen anima, Mona Lisa fejlett anima.

  • Once had an argument with a girl who said: muscular men are more masculine. I replied: women with large tits are more feminine. She was pissed.. Called herself a black womanist btw.

  • This video could certainly be expanded into a whole series. 7:11 to discuss the Anima/Animus is like trying to explain the theory of relativity in the same amount of time.

  • Being someone who read about Jungian theories during my free time in high school, it was always this anima/animus idea where I got a little stuck on. All I could get out of it is that when I think I'm in love with a woman, what I see at first is an over idealized image that is sort of the outer layer of what my true self is. I once fell for a violinist, but when looking back on it, I can see that I was in love with her expressionistic power rather than her. Someone confirm if this makes sense

  • The collective unconscious that Jung speaks of is nothing more than culture. We are born blank slates. The Anima and animus are nothing more than symptoms of civilization and our culture. These people are just trying to sell you something. By giving you a sense that you aren't in control makes you lose control. Which gives them an opening to help you regain control… but really they're just selling you semi-intellectual theories. You wanna help yourself? stop being in denial and face your Self

  • jeje good one – is humourous. But there is a bit of a fallacy on your argument. Women cannot alter the size of their breasts as men can develop their muscles. There is slightly more truth to her statement but neither of you are saying absolute truths.

  • Women's animus is sometimes the cause of penis envy, and sexism. Women's animus, once it takes full possession of their identity, is expressed in one of two ways. Firstly, there is overt hatred toward men. They become unfaithful and oppress men if they are presiding at higher roles in society. That is, they try to shame men by exerting their "power." Further, these women "bad-mouth" men. This is a form of verbal cannibalism. These women tend to be verbally abusive to men, and enjoy oral sex. . .

  • I look forever in the dark and once I learn enough I find that in mathematical/full/non abstract and logical form. Everytime. Why can't I find something before. I always think I'm on to something but, nope a guy named jung(for example) exists. Idk.

  • Out of curiosity, because I was with you until that part…what does the oral sex have to do with that? I'm not badgering, just confused and curious to understand the concept.

  • Yeah, I don't get what this person is saying at all, in fact, I disagree with a large part of what was said. This Sandro doesn't understand the Animus that well at all.

  • The anima is a projection onto a woman of an unconscious ideal of woman.Basically you objectify her.There is much more to it but it is the internal(unconscious) escaping into consciousness and possessing you.

    you project your anima onto a woman thus objectifying them

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  • I just watched the Harry Potter films for the first time w my boy , sudden unexpected animus projection .
     lets just say Prof .Snape and leave it at that lol

  • so true-

  • so such concepts as anima and animus are genuine creations of jungian psychology alone ?

  • Jung went to India, Tibet and Sri Lanka . Animus and Anima are Sanskrit words.

  • Where is the whole thing pleeeeeeeease!!!!1 The whole doc!!?? ::L))

  • biggest load of made up bullshit i have ever seen!!!! this is the peak of being a bullshit artist this Jung character lol xd

  • Jung nailed it! The Animus explains why women are attracted to the "bad boy" and the Anima explains why men are attracted to women that are "bitches." I love when Jung says, "… for God's sake doctor! help me to get rid of this woman!!!" the desperation is so real! When a man falls in love with a woman that represents his anima in the unconscious, he can't easily get rid of her.

    The only thing is how the hell do we find that Anima or Animus hidden deep inside and stop projecting it onto others?

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