Amazing Body Illusions! Psychology for Kids – ExpeRimental #24

Amazing Body Illusions! Psychology for Kids – ExpeRimental #24

Try 8 illusions that’ll confuse your body, and investigate your sense of proprioception in this fun experiment for families!
Download the infosheet here for more instructions:

Alex and the pupils of Ben Jonson Primary School experiment with their sense of proprioception: our awareness of our body. By doing eight different illusions that trick your understanding of your own body, they learn how their senses work, and how they can be confused by conflicting information.
In the process, they learn how our sense combine to create the full perception we have of the world.

Remember, everyone responds differently to these illusions. Some people won’t feel the effects of some activities, and that’s why it’s good to try as many as possible. As you do them, think about why they might work better on some people than others.

For more instructions on carrying out the activity, and to download the templates, click here:

This series of ExpeRimental is supported by the British Psychological Society:

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